Low self esteem issues

  1. Anyone else suffer from bouts of low self esteem? I tend to be down on myself more often than not lately. Right now I'm sick with a terrible flu, I look and feel like poo, I can't work out because of how I feel, and the only thing that sounds comforting is a big huge brownie sundae with a cold glass of milk :sad: But that won't help, it'll go straight to my behind :shame:

    What do you guys do when you feel this way? How do you cheer yourself up? Lately I haven't felt pretty or had much confidence in myself. I just feel like a big blob who can't stop comparing herself to others :hrmm:
  2. Cristina,
    I'm right there with you. For me it manifests itself in bad depression and bouts of really ugly jealously. I mean, intense ugly jealousy. And not eating. I just don't get hungry, and will feel nauseas around food.
  3. I know what you mean about jealousy. For example, I can't even look at a Victoria's Secret catalog when they arrive in the mail :rolleyes: I know, I'm weird :shocked: But I end up thinking about every flaw, everything I think I can improve. I hate feeling this way, this isn't how I am most of the time, but lately it's been bad :sad:
  4. Pick apart those self defeating statements to yourself- truly dissect them. If you think you are fat and ugly then ask yourself what you think your life would be like if you were the opposite. Do you feel that thin and beautiful equates happiness? Would it change you or your life. Are those attributes that you admire in others even if they have a meanspirited personality and no sense of humor. What do you value about your friends and family that you love? Is it beauty? Thinness? I doubt it. I think that when times of low self esteem happen with our appearance it helps to dig out those core values that are more important to us. I tell myself that I am kind, generous, I can make my husband laugh etc. I make a list if I have to and try to picture what I would like to look back and say about my life when I am ninety. I need to lose some weight right now but the primary reason is for my health- so I can live a long life making my husband laugh and being kind to others. ;)
  5. I've been really down lately, and one of my best friends recommended running for 15 minutes. She said that I needed some endorphins kicking through my system! But when I'm so depressed and down, I can't bear to even put on running shoes. I'm not sure how I get out of the downward spirals: it doesn't help that I work from home most of the time and don't get to interact with people face to face.
  6. Oh Cristina, I dont know if this will make you feel better, but I would give anything to have your motivation for working out. I have read your posts in the past. Just since Jan. I dont feel the same and I know I dont look the same (lovely muffin top now) and I just can not get motivated to do anything about it. You are still looking great and still have the right frame of mind to continue your healthy lifestyle, but having the flu can make you feel really down and yucky for a little while. You will perk up soon and be back on your regular schedule. Dont give up!! You can do this!!

  7. That is a good way to put things in perspective, Bagpuss. I am under a bit of stress with an upcoming move and job and house hunting, and I think it's easier to pick on the things that I can see right in front of me when I look in the mirror. It's like an easy way out, almost like I'm using this to get my mind off of more important issues, such as when I'll have time to pack, I have to get boxes, reserve the U-Haul, find a place to live :shocked: It also doesn't help that my nose is as red as Rudolph's, I can't breathe out of it and I sound like the walking dead :lol:

    I have many (many!) things to be thankful for in life, I know I shouldn't be worrying about something as superficial as being thin and beautiful. When I complain to my mom about silly things, she says something similar to what you did - think about what's really important.

    Edit: Thanks, Kim :heart: :heart: :heart: I'm going to go blow my nose now :lol:
  8. Great advice! I do not think it is uncommon to get into a funk now and again. When it happens to me, I take a few days off to re-group and then start again. It gives me some time off, gives me a bit of perspective, and helps whatever is bothering me pass. Guilt sucks, so I try not to feel guilty backing off for a few days. I usually experience some guilt, but after I am through it, I feel better and look back on it in a different way. I do know what matters, but sometimes I do let things that don't matter bother me.
  9. It does sound like stress build up to me- those are all tough things to get through and the most important time to cut yourself a break. :flowers:
  10. I'm having some stress and self esteem issues lately, too. Like you, my first reaction is to go to food and overindulge, which only makes things much, much worse. I swear fat clings to my waist as soon as I swallow it. And I did indulge in the form of a box of haagen dasz ice cream bars last week. D'oh! I've rearranged my thinking a bit, and am trying to put that energy into careful food choices, rather than indulgences. I'm trying to keep my head on straight, and keep my spirits up. If I eat well, and keep up my activity level I'll feel better. So even though I feel like crap right now, and can't stand to look at myself, if I keep up the self-control I can get through this bump in the road.
  11. ***hugs*** PF is here for you Cristina - i was i could offer words of support but all i can offer you is an EAR - so i can listen! ***hugs***
  12. Aww, thanks, helen! :heart:
  13. Hey Cristina, I'm really sorry you're feeling down still. I remember a couple months ago you made a post in General Discussion about feeling badly. It's just the mean twenties! Don't let it get you down. I happen to know for a fact (tsk, tsk, sharing your picture online) that you are GORGEOUS. Maybe you're obsessing over your looks because it's easier to zoom in and focus on the tiny things than look up at the big picture. But your big picture seems pretty grand to me: fabulous handbags, a new job, a boyfriend that loves you, and an adorable cat! Focus on the good things, cause you've got lots! I know it's easier said than done, though. If you ever want a shoulder to cry on, let me know!
  14. Thanks, dear :smile: You're right, I'm choosing to obsess over what's easiest for me to pick on, what's right in front of me. I'm very grateful for the wonderful things I have. I guess I'm just feeling bad because I have this awful flu and I'm home, being unproductive and feeling crappy. Everyone's posts have knocked some sense into me, I just need to put things in perspective and drink some hot TheraFlu, and relax :smile:
  15. I think we all have a time when we feel that way. Just remember you have a bf that loves you for you and my bf always cheers me up when I am down like that. It makes me feel better to know that no matter what flaw I feel I have he does not care about that.