Low Priced Authentic Ice Blue First on Ebay!

  1. the bag is pretty nice but you might want to notice the seller is the same one that's selling the poodle-chewed hobo. just thought i'd mention it. :unsure:
  2. Ohhhh nooooooo! Yeck....maybe the poodle peed on this one.:sick:
  3. Is the non-poodle assaulted bag authentic? If so, I think I will take a run at it. Perhaps I should ask her if she could put it up real high away from the hateful little dog...This would be my first B-bag..I know, sad...:weird:

    if you throw rocks at boys, be sure to aim.
  4. ^ It's a lovely color! I hope you get it ^____^.
  5. Yes the ice blue is pretty -- and the seller is very nice also. She is not the one with the poodle who chewed on the bag, she is just the one who bought the bag and tried to bring it back to life ;)

    bid with confidence! :smile:
  6. Thanks byMiMi, wish me luck...
  7. r u guys saying that this bag is authentic, coz I owuld like a balenciaga too? Kindly let me know pls.. thanks...
  8. Yes, it's authentic, and the seller is a peach.
  9. ^ what she said ;)

    you have the luck of the irish, irish :lol: (I couldn't resist!) - but just in case goodluck (to all) ;) !!!!!!
  10. i hope someone from here will get the bag, its pretty...
  11. Yeah it's a great deal! Get it girls!! I love my ice blue first :love:
  12. someone snatch the bag up!!! I love it!!!!;) :nuts:
  13. so no one from here should be trying to outbid me then.. hehehe, I want to get this bag....