low price on Ursula Lee and Shoulder Tote

  1. OK then...hurry buy the orange/metallic shoulder tote so I won't...
    Browsing at Nordstroms I came upon the black patent ursula lee (still 950 on the Neiman web site) for only $394 and a host of metalics the tote in silver/blue or silver/orange for only $274 and also the metallic silver and blue satchel...dont know the price of this one.
    I held the Ursula and the orange shoulder tote under my name..Maggie for anyone who might want them. The phone number is 801 261-4402 and the SA is Melissa...she is a sweetie.
    I already have the patent and I have the orange satchel so I am holding back...such a deal ....I hope someone can get these. maggie:wlae:
  2. Wow!! Those are very good prices. So I'm still not that familiar with the metallic ones. Are those the same as the Daria bags?
  3. Not looking for any of those bags but I think that's such a sweet thing for you to hold those bags for us! Kudos!:shame:
  4. that was very very sweet of you to do that! if i could grow money off of the trees in my backyard, i would get the ursula lee :sad: but thank you for being so nice!