Low Morphology= Natural Pregnancy???


Jun 5, 2006
Right Coast
Has anyone on this forum become pregnant naturally when DH had low sperm morphology?

We just got test results back and I test normal, his sperm analysis is great for motility and concentration, but morph was only at 1%.

Although the Dr.s and everything else I've read says it may or may not be a problem, I would really just like to hear from someone who has gotten pregnant naturally despite DH's low morph. :shame:

I'm not losing hope, but I am getting discouraged. DH and his brother are 8 years apart and I am wondering if this is why... :confused1:

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
Don't give up, try not to be depressed ! He should be tested further because I guess this condition can be temporary from what I read and there can be many causes. I don't have any personal experiences but I think you should search the web and talk to your dr about it more and just think if you can't do it naturally at least you may be able to do IVF even if it is not ideal it still be a way.