Low maintenance but gorgeous bag for work?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for a leather bag big enough to carry the books, folders, papers (has to take A4), lip gloss, money, apples, pens, stray paperclips, misplaced children's socks (don't ask), to do lists, cards to post, cards its too late to post, perfume, small umbrella and mints that I regularly carry to and from the office for no good reason.

    Criteria for this bag are: gorgeous design (but not necessarily 'designer'), resilient leather, dark colour, classic not trendy so I don't have to replace it, low maintenance and rooooooooooooomy with compartments to divide my apples and lipgloss, books and PDA!

    Answers on a forum post please!
  2. I am learning about bags myself, and look forward to seeing what the others reccommend.

    The following is NOT leather. However, if the style strikes your fancy, the members maybe able to find something that suits all your tastes.

    I uploaded the variety picture so you may see the different colors and variation on the same bag.) They come in the metallic colors of cobalt blue, plum(/abergine), platinum(/silver) (is more bold than the others. They come in regular colors of black, chocolate, winter white, and caramel.

    It easily expands while maintaining the look and feel of an exclusive designer bag. Simply unfasten the clasps on each side to increase your storage space. I uploaded the full size pic in caramel to show some of the detail. The detail of the pull down bag is what happens after you make short.

    here other details just in case you want to have an idea about sizing.

    * Tote measures approx. 21"L x 5"W x 16"H

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  3. Miss Sooky, you didn't mention the most important thing: budget! :smile: And are you leaning towards slouchy or structured?
  4. Ooh, thanks for the super swift reply and really thoughtful suggestions. I quite like them, but I think there might be a bit too much hardware/additional detail for my very plain Jane tastes. I guess a bit more structure might also push the :heart: buttons in my bag brain more effectively. I know, I am so dull - I'm sorry. Any alternatives with that in mind would be really gratefully received.
  5. I didn't, you're right! I am not super rich, but would be willing to pay a decent amount for something that will last. I guess between £200-£600, but as I will use it every day, I could be a bit flexible.

    I tend to be a structure, structure, structure girl but am trying to keep an open mind if anyone wants to persuade me!
  6. Switzerland, that is one cool-looking bag! Miss Sooky, your thoughts on this Kipepeo tote, please?

    Luna Boston | Large Nairobi Tote Details
    Sale $295


    This large tote, big enough for files or a small laptop, has three sections to keep you organized, and is constructed in soft, beautifully colored leathers that will lightly distress over time, adding to their appeal. The middle section snaps shut with dual snaps, and can also be expanded or compressed by opening or closing side snaps. Two side sections are open, perfect for stowing whatever you need to keep close at hand. Bag has metal feet and fits closely over the shoulder. 15"w x 12"h x 6"d. 8" shoulder drop.
  7. balenciaga?
  8. Oooh, I like it. I thought it was a bit 'crunchy' at first sight but I am keep looking at it and now want to touch it . . .Honestly - never happy!

    But will it take stray children's socks?!:shame:
  9. Gorgeous leather, great colours, but the only styles I know (and I am no expert) seem a bit slouchy and free form? Are there some more structured models?
  10. Really like these and no, I haven't seen these bags. How big a lottery win would it have to be to get one of these lovelies?
  11. LOL, it will. According to the "real life product specifications"

    'This large tote will fit your essentials plus plenty more - room for gym clothes, a laptop, files, or whatever fills your days.'

    BTW your mention of stray children makes me think of Lady Bracknell and her immortal words "A handbag?" :smile:
  12. Miss Sooky, the Jas MB bags, according to a blog, are:

    "available at his Doors store of course on Ganton Street in Soho. As well as in Selfridges, Harrods and various stockists worldwide - I've seen them in Bon Marche one time in Paris so Berlinrocks, I think you're in luck."

    "The retail prices for the bags aren't cheap.... starting from £300 upwards but the quality of leather and you can't see from the pics is superior...Jas MB is renowned for his craftsmanship." I've read that he'll also do customization for 10% more of the retail prices.
  13. Report from over a year ago:

    bags; FashionUnited news

    A bag for all seasons!
    How those Jas bags look defiantly simple and delectable! Accessory designer Jas MB , for next season, has designed a rich collection of his signature deconstructed, weightless bags and accessories that will be on the hotlist of many a fashionista. Using only the softest high-grade leather – Jas's handcrafted bags come in hues of natural tan, soft greys, berry and subtle yellow tones, as well as atomic blues and indulgent metallics. Mixing vintage trims and buckles, his unique styling makes for a hardy yet sultry collection of delectable bags, belts and accessories for both men and women.
    This season, Jas has pioneered a distinct paper-esque quality leather in rich beiges and browns, giving the bags a deconstructed, vintage feel, without looking overly distressed or styled. New for s pr ing is Tumble Lea ther, a special laundered application, which give the leather a soft suede feel, and is available in deepest navy, tan and yellow. Mixing functional design with vintage qualities, Jas MB bags appear effortlessly contemporary and are as easy-going for day as they are indulgent for evening. New detailing includes playful pockets and conspicuous zips, which, in combination with the softest leather available, makes for very feminine and luxurious accessories.
    Statement accessories include double loop belts in white leather and wide hipster micro sachel bags with vintage buckles. Wear them with skinny jeans, urban country dress or even a dapper suit. For the connoisseur, customised accessories and bespoke bags can now be ordered from the boutique Doors by Jas M.B. With the help of a specialist, you can choose your favourite style and leather from a variety of samples for only 10 per cent extra of the original cost pr ice. And it only takes 10 days to be custom-made. Jas Shembi has risen to global recognition with his beautiful hand crafted leather bags & accessories for men and women. His luxurious goods are currently sold in Liberty 's, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Browns. The ‘Doors by Jas MB ' boutique is located at 8 Ganton Street , Soho , London .
    3 November 2005


    "Paper-esque" has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Miss Sooky, I sincerely hope you'll go and have a look - and feel - of the Jas MB bags and report back to us. Have been intrigued about this designer for months. Thanks.
  14. This is off topic, but can I just give a shout out for Passerby who always comes up with the BEST suggestions for us readers!:yahoo: