Low GI lifestyle

  1. Anyone watch their GI intake? I just started reading up on it and it seems to make sense. Of course, its pretty much what we all knew before: limit calorie intake, don't eat refined carbs/sugars, stick with whole grains, etc etc....My parents were recently diagnosed diabetic and I have been trying to help them along with sugars/good foods, etc. I, myself, have started cutting out white bread, potatoes, high cal/sugar, and loading up on veggies/fruits and lean meats. I feel great, dropped a couple lbs in a week (went from 112 to 109).
  2. My oldest brother was recently diagnoised with Type 2 Diabetes (the most common form) and our father lost both legs and eventually died from it, and a grandmother and grandfather (both sides of family) also had it, so yeah, I am VERY careful about what I stick in my body. James's bigest downfall was his addiction to Coke-A-Cola, and I was floored when he showed me each can contains 39 grams of sugars! When he was diagnoised, he took the classes the clinic offered about foods and what you should eat/shouldn't eat... came home and taught me.

    We cut out ALL red meat, ALL refined sugars/flours/pastas, eat more veggies, chicken, fish, ect. Limit our intake of rice, breads, proccessed foods. My big thing is still Coke, but I did cut way back. James also started buying these flavored waters, he loves them. He also cares for our other brother who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and other birth defects, so we are hoping the change in diet and lifestyle will keep him and me from developing diabetes at all. One of the main problems is we are Native American and Irish, both races are notorious for developing it.

    James has lost probably 50 pounds, our brother 40, (I'm not losing, but the first of the year I change my entire diet/excersise/lifestyle habits for good) My really hard part is my DH. He's fighting diets, lifestyle changes, etc tooth and nail... he and I need to sit down and have a LONGGGG talk. Now that we are all in our 50's (DH is 48, almost 49) it's imperative we do something now.

    Old habits die HARD.