Low feedback sellers = great deals

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  1. i often buy from low feedback sellers and never had any problems, maybe i am lucky
  2. Congratulations on a great deal! It is easy to forget all the ebay transactions that go correctly-- since the bad ones are just so bad! I still can't be convinced to buy on ebay, but after hearing more stories like this I might be more inclined to do so!
  3. It is still caveat emptor, but you make a good point. I was just looking at an item and noticed the seller has low 90's feedback. I looked at the details and she got 2 neutrals and one she had a reply explaining the issue and it was not a deal breaker for me.

    Glad you got some cute shoes.
  4. Wow what a greast deal :smile: good to see ther are still some nice sellers on ebay x