Low feedback sellers = great deals

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  1. #1 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    With all those bad Ebay experiences I read, I decided to post good one...

    I found myself some great Manolo Blahnik shoes last week. Description said shoes were used only once and they looked amazing on the picture. I bidded 200$ but won them for 102$. I knew something was wrong at that moment so I looked at the seller's feedback... 94% :wtf: I understood why nobody bidded on the shoes and why I had such a great deal for Manolos.

    Ok, I know, I should ALWAYS look at feedback before bidding but I am an impulsive buyer and just forgot. Feedback was in general "seller is rude" comments but nothing on item not as described. I got a little bit nervous but decided to pay and wait (only 100$). Seller got back to me 3 minutes later with a nice thank you message + shipping tracking number with Express Mail.

    I received the shoes 3 days later (from CA to Montreal, Canada), exactly as described (authentic, used once - interior soles are clean as new, leather is perfect without stain or scratch). SHOES ARE GREAT!!! The seller also sent a nice thank you card with a Neiman Marcus gift (nice cuff). I was blown away.

    I don't pretend that every low feedback sellers are that great but I think it might be a good way to catch good deals when nobody bids.
  2. True.. I am a relatively new seller and I am always selling things below retail just to get rid of them! T4P!
  3. Now that's a great deal. Congrats :yahoo::woohoo:.
    It is wonderful how nice your seller was.
  4. Well done on the shoes. I dont judge people on feedback percentages, especially if the negs are for buyer point rather than seller.
  5. cool!
  6. What a wonderful deal & seller! It's nice to hear the good stories too, we get so used to reading only about the bad ebay experiences, we forget there are great things that happen too.
  7. What great luck! Sounds like the seller got off on the wrong foot and is anxious to built good feedback.

    If I really want something and the seller has low feedback, I read the feedback carefully to decide if some of it was vindictive, beyond seller's control, etc. Sometimes it's just that they've only sold a few things but got a negative early on. Still, I have to admit that I don't take risks with 94% feedback. I'm a sore loser and if I blew over $25. I would be very upset. I'm funny that way. :crybaby:
  8. I agree, I find most of my deals from low feedback sellers, and they are almost always better than larger sellers. That is almost, not always.
  9. All it takes is one or two difficult buyers to ruin a sellers good feedback. With the feedback policy now, buyers are leaving low feedback for almost nothing. I have not had this happen, but have seen it with really good sellers lately.
  10. As a seller my feedback went from 100% to 95% when ebay instituted their new feedback scoring. The reason? One neutral from a buyer who thought Auctiva checkout was a scam. She didn't contact me to tell me about it beforehand, so I had no chance to explain.
  11. It's a hit or miss really with low fb sellers, you're gambling on it. I have experienced an excellent transaction, have also experienced a scam where the item was far far far from described. With the latter, the seller went NARU even before I had chance to leave negative. I always prefer to deal with sellers with excellent reputation, even though I have to pay a bit more. The stress is not worth it!
  12. Super! :tup:

    I regularly get stuff from low feedback/new sellers. Their items usually go lower than established sellers, which ends up being a super awesome deal.
  13. We seem to hear many negs about Ebay and you are right, this is a good one! With posts like that, I feel more confident when trading on Ebay! I always let the feedbacks get the better of me... It has become a habit whenever I click on the auction, my eyes automaticaly goes to the left of the screen and I check the feedback first.... better to be safe than sorry... :smile:
  14. I've had some good experiences as well as some horrible experiences with people with a low feedback. Normally I purchase from sellers who have 99%-100% feedback. But, when I want an item and its at a amazing price but the seller is a brand new seller ... then I contact them and try to get more information from them. I normally ask for additional pictures, question about shipping, question about authenticity... etc. If I get a response that is short, abrupt, and rude... I know that I am definetly not going to buy their item because something is wrong. As a seller they have no reason to get defensive and become rude when answering a question.
  15. nice to hear i feel the same i often take a punt on a low feedback seller often find the product and service better than the so called power sellers