Low Fat/Cal Starbucks drinks??

  1. I have only just recently started going to Starbucks. I always get just a plain iced coffee unsweetened and add some skim milk and S&L to it.

    I would love to try the other things on their menu but yes I do feel weird asking with a line behind me "what low calorie and low fat drinks can I choose from?"

    I have been wanting to ask this. I like a tall or grande size and a decent amount of caffeine. What I see other customers ordering boggles my mind. I don't know what in the world it is, but some look like they have syrups and sugar and all that unhealthy stuff practically making up the entire drink and that's not what I want.
    The titles alone kind of confuse me. I want to expand what I get from there and was hoping someone else knows specifically what kinds of other drinks are low in calories and fat.

    I mean a plain iced coffee might even be as good as it gets? I really don't know! The other drinks really do look good but I don't want the equivalent of a meal in a cup... it doesn't matter but it's just not something I want.

  2. You're right, they can get revoltingly high in fat and calories- often more than a Big Mac!
    For low-cal...try the syrups with artificial sweetener. Personally, I can really taste the Aspartame and would rather go for the extra 40 calories, but I always ask for "half-sweet".
    So, if you get a Skim Vanilla Latte with sugar-free vailla flavouring you're doing pretty well.
    The Frappucinos can all be made with the light syrup, so you're looking at about 140 calories for a Tall.
    Hope this helps! Just keep it to Skim or "light" or half-sweet and you should be okay. Stay away from anything that says "creme"!
  3. I go to starbucks quite a bit, and from my experience the only "low cal" drink you can really get is coffee/iced coffee/tea/iced tea (without the lemonade). Even a skim latte is 130 calories, which is more than I'm willing to consume for just a drink. I tend to get an iced coffee with 2 pumps of sugar-free flavoured syrup when I want something cold, or an Americano with the same thing when I want something warm.

    Here is a sheet that tells you the calorie count on all the drinks..you can customize your size and your milk: http://www.starbucks.com/retail/nutrition_comparison_popup.asp
  4. I've purchased starbucks sugar free syrups on eBay and make my own fat free drinks.
  5. Interestingly, I looked up the nutritionals on the new McDonald's iced coffees, and for the Medium Vanilla iced, it has 190 calories--actually less than I expected.
  6. I always get my Frappuccinos light with no whipped cream.
  7. Tall Iced Americano's with a squirt of Hazelnut syrup for flavor. I love it since it's low-cal. My DH thinks it tastes like dirt. :heart:
  8. Tall Iced Americano with a squirt of Hazelnut syrup for flavor. I love it since it's low-cal. My DH thinks it tastes like dirt. :heart:
  9. I usually get a Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Soy Mild Misto.

    It's a half mild coffee, and half soy milk, with a few shots of sugar free vanilla syrup. If you don't like the soy milk you could opt for some non-fat milk.

    There is appx. 100 cals, 4g fat, and 8g carbs for the venti soy version. (According to www.starbucks.com)
  10. I always get my fave drink with skim milk and no foam so that helps cut calories. :yes:
  11. Nothing to do with this but Ive always wanted to know what is that red drink yall order? looks like a tea
  12. ^ Passion ice tea, I'm guessing?
  13. ^ I get a venti black iced tea/lemonade with no sweetener.....loves it!
  14. Grande, non fat, no whip, sugar free cinnamon dolce latte - cant remember the calories, etc, but its 3.5 weight watchers points - I drink one every morning, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. I have 2 try it. Looks good. i always go for the fraps in the summer and in winter a caramel macchiato