Low cost BVI: any experience?

  1. Next year I'm celebrating 10 years engagement with my BF and this would be a nice occasion to go on holiday out of Europe; I thought about a paradise like British Virgin Islands but I don't want to spend 400 - 500 $/night for the stay.
    I googled and it came out that there are some low-cost apartments in Tortola called Mongoose Apartment. Did anyone experienced it? Or has any other suggestion for a 200$ stay in BVI?
    Again, what's the best island for someone searching for relax (no nightlife!)?
  2. We didn't stay at the Mongoose Apartments, but about 15 years ago we stayed at Cane Garden Bay. We only chose that place b/c Jimmy Buffet sang about it in a song. It wasn't expensive, nor was it very classy. Really, it was seedy, but we had a good time anyway. I'd never stay in a place like that again...once was enough, but then we were outside so much anyway, it didn't really matter.

    I can't imagine that Tortola has changed too much in all these years, since it's not too big of an island. It was so beatutiful and quiet. There was nothing to do at night, but walk the beach and sleep. There are some gorgeous mountains there and on one part of the island you can surf. There wasn't any shopping to speak of. It really suited us b/c life revolved around the beach. We did rent a car b/c it was impossible to get around the island without one.

    Day trips to other islands could be arranged and although we were content to stay on Tortola, it seemed like something that would be enjoyable.