Low cal quinoa recipes?

  1. I've been eating the trader joes quinoa which is really good but I wanted to make my own. I have the red and white quinoa from whole foods but no idea what to do with it. Any quick low cal recipes?
  2. Cook in chicken broth instead of water.

    You can add chopped tomatoes and parsley to freshen it up or some cooked chopped chicken.

    Make sure to rinse it first. If you do a quinoa search, there is a thread on it, I believe.
  3. I use it as my rice substitute. You can cook it in the rice cooker, subbing with chicken broth instead of water for more flavor. You can also add spices such as crushed garlic right into the rice cooker with it.
  4. I poached chicken last night with a little garlic, ginger, spring onion, a chicken stock cube and 2 small drops of sesame oil. When the chicken was cooked, I used the broth to cook my Quinoa in, and on the side some steamed broccoli, it was so flavourful! You really have to spruce up Quinoa, I like that it takes to many different ingredients.
  5. I use it in my vegetarian chili! Helps with the texture and makes it much more filling! :smile:
  6. My fav way to enjoy it. I also finely mince a little red onion and add tons of chopped basil and sometimes mint.

    Another fav way is to toss with corn, black beans and salsa and bake in the oven with a sprinkling of cheese (that ups the fat content but delicious anyways!)
  7. This is a really good site for quinoa recipes


    One of my favourite ways to use quinoa is cook it in water then put it with some sauteed vegetables and some form of protein then dress it with balsamic vinegar! mm