Low Body Temperature?

  1. So I need to figure out if this is normal...my thermometer tells me that my normal daily body temperature is 35.4 degrees Celsius. But according to everything I've read, it should be at least 36.5 degrees Celsius. Is my thermometer broken or is this normal? My thyroid has been checked and it's fine, I do have low blood pressure though...
  2. My normal body temperature is 97.9 degrees F
    I have very low blood pressure 85/60 - the nurse always asks me if I feel like passing out when I stand up.
    My doctor says 98.6 is the average, nothing to worry about if its low.
  3. Mine converts to 95.7 Fahrenheit...it does seem really low if yours is low and it's two full degrees above mine!
  4. I have the low blood pressure problem too. Body temperature fluctuates. If you drank something very cold, you will notice a lower reading. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  5. mine is usually about 35.8. it's never been a problem for me except for my science teacher in school telling me that EVERYONE'S is 37.0 normally. she refused to believe me and thought i had a bad attitude :lol:
  6. Yes, I have this issue. And low blood pressure too.

    My doc says this is common among athletes.

    What is uncommon is my tendency to bruise, but we can't figure out what causes this.
  7. ^^^ I bruise easily too! But I've been living with it so long I just ignore it now. I'm not anemic & they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me either.
    Do you have a low heart beat rate too. Mine is usually between 54 & 58.
  8. Low body temp must be more common than anyone realizes. Mine is usually just above 97 F. If I register 98.6 it feels like a low-grade fever. I wouldn't worry about your temp if you're otherwise healthy.
  9. i also have low body temp: usually around a little over 96-97 F. a temp for me is 98-99.
  10. Mine and my son's are low, normal is 97.6 instead of 98.6. My doctor told me it's actually good if you are just slightly low although I cna't remember his ramblings regarding why....
  11. Same for me, too. 97.2 seems to be the magic number, and I consider 99 to be a "fever". I almost never run one higher than that -- maybe a few times before in my life.

    And the low blood pressure thing, too, usually like 100/70.
  12. The wall of your blood vessels are weak ( this can cause varicose viens in later life) so easily ruptured this is why you bruise can explain the low BP too. Try a supplement called Rutin it strengthens the wall of blood vessels
  13. I have had extremely "sub normal vital signs" all my life.

    They do my blood pressure etc. 3 or 4 times, occasionally express visible alarm, and run off to get Aisha who is the "expert"

    If you wanted to express it in a less polite way, I am clinically dead, according to some charts, but since this has been the case for well over half a century, other than the blood pressure and temperature squad, nobody has been alarmed by it.

    Anyway, I clicked this thread hoping to find out that there was some significance to the phenomenon, like it meant that I would live longer, or win the lottery, but I see that at least so far, it continues to mean absolutely nothing! :smile:
  14. There is something definately going on here with all of us and I'll bet the cause is similar so we can help each other by sharing here. I have a low fluctuating temp, 95.1 to 97.2, low blood pressure, hypoglecemia, low blood platelets, bruising, low heart rate, in the 50's; but beats heavy during excrecize. Something is wrong with us!!
    I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, so write me at my email, jeanofarc@yahoo.com

  15. This is very interesting-I thought I was the freak! I'm an avid athlete, marathon runner, cyclist, cardio 6x a week, I'm cold CONSTANTLY (like my nails turn blue kind of cold), body temp is usually around 97 (if that high), hypoglycemia, HR is a little higher (60s resting), but I routinely get it into the 190s when I'm running & DON'T feel like I'm dying!! Last time I had my BP checked it was 110/60, so add me to your list of people with the same symptoms!