Low and behold, my collection is NOT complete.....I need a new bag! Help me choose...


Which should I choose?

  1. Mastic 07 City

  2. Caramel 05 City

  3. Caramel 02 Flat Brass Hobo

  4. Caramel 02 Flat Brass First

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  1. As I was getting dressed today to go out shopping for my son's b-day, I realized that I didn't have a bag to go with my outfit. :wtf:

    Since it's summer and I'm in s. florida, I'm spending most of my days at the beach with the boys and I'm living in swimsuits, boardshorts, miniskirts and my sanuks or flops. I'm not a matchy matchy type person but something seemed wrong about wearing a dark bag with a really light colored, neutral, summery casual outfit. I could've gone with a "pop" of color but I wasn't in the mood. I ended up choosing my choc. 05 city but with much hesitation......it really seemed too dark.

    :idea: I need a new bag!!!! yay!!! I've always been hesitant about carrying a white bag but I'm totally comfortable with wearing a light neutral.

    So, here is what I'm thinking. As much as I love Sandstone and its tdf leather, I really prefer it with GH. I want this bag to be super casual....so it's got to be a bag with classic hardware. I also want something with more of a golden tone rather than a taupe. So, sandstone is out. What do you think?

    Here's my current collection.....(as you can see, I need a light bag......my caramel 05 is a Weekender...not exactly practical for running to the store) ;).


    Here are my choices: (also, I'm willing to wait for a rare bag, so that is not an issue)

    07 Mastic City


    Caramel 05 City (this zac's Work in caramel 05)


    Caramel 02 Flat Brass Hobo


    Caramel 02 Flat Brass First


  2. I really love the Mastic! Go for it!!
  3. Love 05' Caramel myself!
  4. I think I'd go with the hobo, just cause I think I'd feel weird wearing a City or First with my boardshorts.
  5. Ooooh Girlie, a new bag. :graucho:How exciting. :yahoo:I love your Blues and your VG First. Those are really nice summer bags.:tup: Since you already have the Caramel weekender i would say how about the flat brass hobo. I think that one will look amazing on you since i don't see any hobo bags in your collection. Are you open to other colors too?:heart:
  6. Well I love caramel 05 myself but you have it in a weekender and it is a bit of a waste IMO to have two bags in the same colour so I would therefore go with mastic.
  7. I would choose an 05 caramel city or even a twiggy as they are nice and casual and would be great for going to the beach.
  8. Get a Mastic! I think the color is so soft and inviting.
  9. i think mastic's a great neutral color, but since you so many cities, how about a mastic day?
  10. Mastic Day....no question. Phew! Glad that's over!!! :p

    But seriously...nice casual style....great neutral....what else could a girl ask for?

    Good luck!
  11. i vote for the mastic - the color is amazing and light, although i think the carmel would be too but the leather on these 07 bags is outrageously gorgeous!

    i think a 1st would be too small, especially if you ever needed to throw in something extra for the boys ( i have two also and they always need something!)

    i would suggest a DAY style, simply because you can throw it over your shoulder, but i know you never really prefered that style.

    mastic city, for sure!
  12. Caramel 02 first is my vote :yes:... i think is the perfect size day or night :p
  13. I think a Mastic Day would work, but from the options you gave I'd say either Mastic City or Caramel FB Hobo, since you already have 05 caramel and I'm not a big fan of the FB first in caramel.
  14. Based on your collection, I voted for the smaller Caramel 02 Flat Brass First. :yes: