LovinMyBags Restored my Botkier Bombay Satchel

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  1. Barb just wrote me today and my bag will be on her way back to me this weekend. She said it looks wonderful and all the coffee stains and darkening from saddle soap is gone. I can't wait to see it. Just took her about a week. I'll make sure I post pics when I get her. It was a total of 114. 14 was for shipping and I also got some conditioner for my Koobas and Balenciaga and some cleaner.
    I called Barb to tell her I needed the conditioner before she mailed it back. She is so pleasant and helpful. I hope my bag looks as good as she says it does. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Yay!!! :yahoo:

    Great to here that it turned out so well! Sounds like it was well worth the $114! :yes:
  3. wOW, what a deal...
  4. That is great!
  5. great. please post pics when you get her.
  6. It's nice to know that this is possible. I'm going to make a note of "LovinMyBags" and would love to see the pics when it arrives back home. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  7. oh, I can't wait to see it looking brand spanking new again... love the bombay bags!
  8. Congrats!! How long did it take?
  9. wow, i've been waiting to here from you about your bag's big journey! please post pics when it gets back to you, and give it one big hug for finding it's way home from a big bath ;)
  10. She had it about a week. It was rather quick. I really thought it would take longer. I got the order form on the 11/28 and it got to her on the 4th I think and she sent me the payment form on the 8th so really alot less than a week.

    It was really nice that it was personalized service. It did feel odd sending my bag away to a place far away.

    From what I understand from what she told me on the phone it could take longer times. She mentioned keeping balenciagas a long time due to getting the right dye colors and having to do special proceses on them that take longer. So each case may be different. It will be nice to know that there is a reputable place that can fix our babies when they get too beat up. Now if she could repair my dogs favorite Alien chew toy!

    I may have it back by Tuesday and I'll be sure to post pics right away. Under 100 for the actual repair was a very decent price to me.
  11. Yay! Sounds well worth it!