Lovinmybags Restoration - The Aubergine

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  1. #1 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    As some of you know, I decided to send my 06 Aubergine to LMB last week for a "makeover". The metallic on that bag had considerable rub and had lost alot of it's purpley hue and shine. Today, I get these pics, and a message that she's on her way back home.






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  2. Wow that is awesome! Can I ask if it was pricey? Well worth it im sure :smile:

    She looks great!
  3. Wow im very impressed! Like a brand new bag you must be really happy with it! Bet you cant wait to use it again and show it off :biggrin:
  4. A typical full restoration is $295. This is what Barbara said about restoring metallics....

    Metallics are complicated - your bag has 4 colors including metallic silver and gold - and the top coat has a hint of violet to get the "purple hue". The top coat is also a protectant, so you should not need to put anything else on the bag for a good long while.

    I am giving some consideration to sending my other 2 metallic paddys to her just for the professional "protectant". Rather than waiting until they need a full restoration!
    I shall be most excited to see her in person. But, from the photos, I am overwhelmed by the restoration LMB has done. This may well soon be my FAV bag.:heart:

  5. This is amazing:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It looks like brand new!!! I would like to know the price of restoration, too, if you don't mind.
  6. Wow, this is amazing! Good to know that LMB can restore metallics too. She has done wonders for my vintage Chanel which requires a redye and restoration, and the cost was $375. The bag came back virtually brand new.

    I will now wear my aubergine without fear, knowing that she can be restored to like new condition:tup:
  7. Ooooh definitely :drool: worthy!
    I bet it's even more fabulous in person! How long will it take before you receive her?
  8. I had heard they worked wonders and here is the proof! What a beautiful bag, Ellie Mae!
  9. its amazing!! it doesnt look like the same bag!!!
    she was a beauty before but even better now!
  10. It looks amazing! How long did it take?
  11. looks gorge EM, do they do the uk too? i would like to send my argent paddy and my er... cough...bbag...
  12. she does look new, unbelieveable.
  13. What is LMB? I'm a newbie so don;t laugh!
  14. She looks beautiful!
  15. Thank you ALL... she does look amazing. Shall be most exciting to see IRL.
    Tireebabe - LMB is Lovinmybags.com in NY. They specialize in handbag/leather restoration and sell many products for leather cleaning and treatment.
    Von - I would think they would accept orders from UK, as long as you were willing to pay the shipment to and from.
    Acshih - highly recommended, eh?? And worth every penny!
    Loves.RM - time depends upon how busy they are at the moment. They received my bag only this past Monday, and it's already finished and being sent home. Should get here SAT or MON.
    LMB seems to be a husband and wife team. Exceptional service and obviously very knowledgable at what they do.:tup: