lovinmybags question

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Chanel brown caviar makeup bag. Does anyone know if it could be dyed black and how much they'd charge? TIA!
  2. It's probably not a good idea. If and when the dye were to chip off, you'd see brown underneath. (This was told to me years ago when I was dyeing a pair of leather shoes black.)
  3. It's a couple hundred dollars for a bag and they don't recommend it unless it's useless unless dyed. Brown caviar sounds gorgeous though! Is it too worn or do you just prefer black? I think it might wind up cheaper to just buy a black one instead.
  4. Do they not have a black makeup bag that you like? That's too expensive for a bag that isn't exactly what you want and I don't think dye is a good option.
  5. I forgot to mention, it's on eBay, so brown is the only available color. It's in great shape, I'd just prefer black. I think I'll skip it though, it sounds like it might not be a good idea after all. I'm sure a black one will pop up eventually. Thanks everyone!
  6. I had two of my beige Chanel lambskin bags dyed (not by lovinmybags)and I regretted it big time! I hope you reconsider or at least get lotsa information before you do it.