Lovinmybags products.......need recs

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just joined the forum today (my first visit too) and think it is truly awesome. I went to the Lovinmybags website to pick out some products for my Kooba bags but can't decide which ones to choose. I know I want to get a cleanser and something that protects the leather. Can someone recommend what has worked for them? TIA
  2. Hi Jan and welcome!
    You gotta be careful on what to use and on what kind of leathers you use it on. I have LMB cleanser that I used on bags with a finish. I also used the LMB moisturizer on them. But you have to be ultra careful useing creme moisturizers on bags that are unfinished. For example...I use the cleaner and moisturizer on Jillians, pebbled Jessies and a smooth black Sienna. I would not use them on a desert Marcelle, the older Siennas with no finish, or any bags that don't have a sheen.

    I use Wilson's Suede & Leather Protector on all my bags liberally and that protects them. If you get a big soiling, then you'll ultimately have to decide to use the products but they may darken the leather drastically and make it look worse than before.
  3. Thanks Lexie. I have an Ada, a Jillian, and 3 Frankies. All of these are finished, right?

    By the way, I am currently in the kooba photo thread and just have to say that you have a lovely Kooba collection. I just discovered Kooba about 3 months or so ago so I am still a novice.
  4. I always use the LMB regular "Balenciaga" cleaner.
    I've had nothing but great luck with them....!
  5. Jana, you should have no problem using the products on these bags. Like JChiara, I also used the Balenciaga cleanser & Moisturizer.
  6. Thanks to both of you for the recs. I just ordered the Wilsons and will get the LMB today. I am still a novice when it comes to Kooba so I have a couple more questions for you if you don't mind. One is about the name plate. Is the outer name plate suppose to tarnish on the distressed pebbled Koobas? A seller on eBay told me all the distressed Koobas come that way (or are designed to do that) The other question is about the Frankie handles. Is there anything I can do to prevent the whip stitching from raveling?
  7. The tarnishing is normal. It's either deliberate or oxidation but many many of us have it on our plates.

    Sorry, can't help you with the handles on your Frankie. Not sure there is anything you can do.
  8. Is this product good for balenciaga too?