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    They are opening a forum too, so that people can discuss and compare results etc

    Hmmm... will be interesting to see the content in the forum considering the problems that people have been having with their products.

    They seem to be taking steps to better their products though.
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  4. Lovin My Bags News
    Newsletter May 1, 2007
    Volume 1, Number 1
    Lovin My Bags Raises $951.54 for MS!
    · Thanks to all of you, the MS fundraiser was a great success.
    · Read Michelle’s MS story.
    In This Issue
    · New Look Website
    · Balenciaga 06-07 issues
    · Pre-Treatment revamped
    · New and Improved Products
    Lovin My Bags
    New Pro-Treatment
    New Pro-Treatment protects from OIL stains!
    New Finishes
    New Restoration Finishes with silk based technology: Softer feel and enhanced color matching.
    New Shine Restore
    New Shine Restore: easier to apply and works in conjunction with Pro-Treatment!
    New Daily Cleanser
    For every day leather cleaning, gentle formula with silk therapy added.
    Video of Restorations
    We will be doing videos of some restorations so you can see what we do!
    New forum coming soon, to share questions and get answers!

    To all of you who have sent in your bags for restoration and repairs, I want to apologize for the delay in getting them back to you when I would like to!
    We are doing our best to get the back log up to date, and to have a decent turn around time.
    Unfortunately, the bags take so much longer than anticipated, and we are swamped! What was a good will mission has become an actual “business”; we are experience major growing pains. But keep the faith; we will get them ALL done…promise!
    I will have a website dedicated to updating you on your bags. I will email you a special # that you can click on and get the latest information about the progress of your handbag. Hopefully that will help put you at ease if you cannot reach me….which is difficult sometimes….I know!!!

    If you have any questions please contact me
    Contact Me Anytime:


    Lovin your bags!

    Hi everyone!
    I thought it was time for another update, as we approach summer, white bags and the cleaning challenge thereof.
    First of all, we have a new website. Hopefully you will find it easier to navigate, a little more information on the services and products, and soon a Lovin My Bags FORUM, where you can get to share all your handbag questions and concerns; I think it will create a nice resource for newcomers to the site as well! Happy Spring… J

    Shine Restore: New formula

    Shine restore has had mixed reviews, some of you LOVE it, others of you not so much. It seems to be an application issue, so we decided to address this immediately. We have designed a new shine restore that is applied with the pro-treatment as a two step process. It enhances the shine without involved instructions. This product will be available shortly…we are waiting for some raw materials. I will keep the original formula for those of you who are happy with it. It will be labeled as “Original Shine Restore”
    New Daily Cleanser: Gentle formula for everyday use.

    Some of you love to clean your bags daily. With this in mind, we developed a much gentler daily cleanser: the Gentle Cleanse with Silk therapy.
    The Luxury Cleanser (also known as Bbag Cleanser) and Luxury Cleanser Plus are perfect for very soiled leather, but for everyday use, may be too much of a good thing. The New Gentle Cleanse is the perfect solution! It is made for those who want to be able to clean their leather bags on a daily with the added benefit of silk therapy.
  5. Restoration Challenges


    Lovin all your bags!
    The only Handbag that creates restoration challenges for us is the Balenciaga bag! J
    Just when we think we have got that leather figured out, wham! A new surprise…
    I am referring to some of the 06 and 07 Balenciaga leathers. We are finding that the pre-treatment that is great for most bags, is causing some issues with the newer Balenciaga’s. It seems like the new leather has more resins causing a hazing effect with the pre-treatment (this does not apply to all cases; and all other leather bags are not affected in this manner).
    To rectify this, we have changed the formula of the pre-treatment and have created an even better product in the process; We call it “Pro-Treatment”.

    NEW Pro-Treatment

    It is the only product on the market that inhibits OIL as well as liquid stains; it is simpler to use (one application is fine) and is better at maintaining the sheen. It is compatible with ALL Designer bags including the old and the new Bbags.
    This new “secret ingredient” along with pure silk and conditioning emollients, ensures that Pro-treatment offers protection through and through. It does not have resins, so it will not dull the leather. It is also non-darkening, therefore a must for any naked leathers like deer skin and lamb. (Kooba bags, Bulga, Jimmy Choo and all naked leathers should have this applied when new…as these bags stain very easily!!) Best to use on light colored bags as they are more visibly stained.
    We received a bag a few weeks ago made of white “naked lamb skin”; it was sprayed with water proofing and turned yellow in patches. These yellow stains were not cleanable. We tested the pro-treatment on the same leather with great results: it did not darken or discolor the bag in any way and the feel remained soft and supple. A real testimony for the new Pro-Treatment!
    The tests were so impressive, that we will do a video clip, so you can see for yourself the amazing results. (Coming soon)
    New Restoration Finishes

    We are always working on the restoration finishes, and continue to modify them to reach the ultimate results. So, for the past few weeks we worked on developing a silk based finishing system that takes the best of our European finishes and enhances them with silk.
    We have found that by adding real silk to our finishes, we get a much softer and silkier finish that brightens colors and enhances all base and print applications. Just another way we try to serve you better…

    My daughter Michelle’s story

    Click here
    [​IMG]TEAMWORK The staff of East Side Mario's has rallied around fellow employee Michelle Leon, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just a few weeks after giving birth to her son Nathan. The staff raised $5,000 for the MS Supercities Walk last Sunday, April 15. Pictured here with Michelle and her son are: John McCarthy, Jenna Lee, Sarah Fox, Kirk Anderson, Shauna Feener, Dayna Dattilo, Alexandra, Jesse and Susan Christensen, Ashlee White, Regan Walsh, Barbara Crouthamel, Alison Baker and Athena Doyle.
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