LovinMyBags Cleaner and Bulga

  1. Several weeks ago, someone posted a question about cleaning yellow Bulga leather. She had been told that traditional leather cleaners would not work well on Bulga leather.

    In response to some of the comments, and because I too had a yellow Bulga, I ordered the LovinMyBags cleaner that was mentioned by PFers and promised to let you all know how it worked.

    Well, it took me a while to get the cleaner, and I wanted to make sure with Bulga that they thought it was okay, but I finally got around to trying it, and it worked just great. I ended up pulling all sorts of leather things from my closet, and the stuff worked fabulously well, even returning the color to one of my worn leather jackets.

    I have no affiliiation with the company, and obviously can't guarantee that you would have the same results. Just wanted to let you know that it seemed to work okay for me. Hope this is helpful!
  2. Thanks so much for the info, Kathy K!!!! If it was able to restore colour to worn areas, was it able to "fill in" nicks a bit?? That would be amazing!!!
  3. I'm sure all leathers are different, and I didn't really try it on any deep nicks, so I'm a little hesitant to answer. I will say, though, that when I used it on my husband's dark brown leather jacket, it made the leather more uniform in color (ie, the scratches weren't white any more). The company seems to be owned by a husband and wife, and they're terrific about answering e-mail. You may want to ask them directly at info@lovinmybags.com. Hope this helps.