Loving tiffanys!!

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  1. When I was in high school, Tiffany's was really big. Everyone had those chunky toggle necklaces and bracelets with the return to Tiffany's phrase on it, and I was not a fan. Over the years I've tried to like the brand, but it's never called to me the way others have.

    My cousin tagged me in one of their Instagram posts today (it had a couple of eternity bands in the photo), which led to to their website, and I AM IN LOVE!!! The Paloma Picasso and Elsa Peretti collections, especially the rings, are SO gorgeous. I like the one with the big rose gold center that kind of looks like a stone- how AWESOME would that be as a pinky ring?!?! I love their modified infinity designs too!!

  2. I went through something similar. There's so many options beyond the chunkier styles that are absolutely amazing.
  3. And you have to keep looking. They come out with new designs all the time!
  4. I love their fine jewelry, I am drawn to their Peretti and Picasso pieces too. You should visit the boutique and try on a number of pieces :smile:
  5. Lol! The boutiques are a dangerous place for my credit cards. Heh! I love Picasso and Peretti too.
  6. I wasn't a fan when I was younger either. I now own pieces from the T and Atlas collections. I love them.
  7. I've been wondering, has it been long enough since the heart tag jewelry was super-in that it's time for it to come around again? Lots of other stuff from around that time in fashion (platform shoes, etc.) is coming back in fashion...
  8. IMHO the heart tag bracelet really never went out of style. Tons of people in my part of the country still wear them. The necklace is not nearly as popular these days. I cannot remember the last time I saw a RTT oval tag necklace. Will it come back? Maybe. Is it is in now? Not in my area. Would I still rock mine if I wanted to wear it? Of course!
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