Loving this take on metallics

  1. As many of you know, I am mad on Anya Hindmarch designs and although metallics slightly scare me, I am loving this version in her latest collection:
    Maxima Metallic Alce - Anya Hindmarch
  2. Nice, it's a much more subtle take on metallics. Which IMO means you'll still be using it long after the metallic trend has passed.
  3. I like it. I agree with Pseub. I also like that it is structured. Makes it less trendy IMO.
  4. I LIKE it!
  5. Even if that particular one is not to your liking, and/or beyond your budget, it's a good basic philosophy.

    As much as I have been tempted to get me one of those grab-your-sunglasses bright gold lame things, I know I would never get the use out of it that I do my floppy jumbo "bronze" one, that cannot be accused of lacking shine, when the light hits it right, but it is more of a subtle brilliance, nothing that would compete with the bling, and it goes with just about everything.
  6. interesting, bears some thought....
  7. Obviously a lot of other people think like you wise gals, because it is sold out I noticed when I looked at it again!
  8. My Hayden Harnett Salina pouch in pewter is along the same lines, metallic-wise... it doesn't scream, but is a nice gentle "HELLO THERE!" :smile: The structred-ness of the above Anya Hindmarch bag is nice, though!

  9. Hello All,
    I'm surprised I share the same views as you guys. The big mirror "Look at me bags" reminds me of wearing sliver/gold shoes back in the day fro some reason:wlae:. But the bag that was featured is great on subtlety and style-although for night life I will carry a small metallic clutch.
  10. That is a pretty bag! I really like the subtle metallics. (Oh and that salina pouch from HH is nice too!)
  11. I like that bag! Is the top hardware chain links or large round beads?
  12. Too bad it's sold out, it's a great bag! I love the color of it.

    Chodessa, the top hardware is woven chain. If you click on the image of the purse, you can see a larger picture.
  13. Not too bad..it's actually a cute style, too.
  14. I love the bag. I have an Anya Hindmarch Cosser in anthracite that I got two years ago and I get so many compliments. I think Anya has some of the nicest metallics.
  15. That's a really cool bag! I love the riveted corners.