Loving this new Betty Bag

  1. :yes:

    Love the slightly different flap over style, and the fab handle, in fact im loving it full stop!!!

  2. nice! how much is it?
  3. 1150 pounds, and the colour shown is actually dark navy blue

    dimensions as follows :smile:

    Width 34cm Length 25cm Depth 10cm
  4. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: i love it, my wallet doesnt :sad:
  5. same here Babe!!!! I always think of Bettys as a bag I can pick up on sale at the end of the season! but I really wonder if this will be the case now, as I really do not see them being made for a/w :sad:
  6. peaking interest:graucho: would you know if it came in other colours?
  7. I love this new Betty :love:

    The price is way too much for me though :sweatdrop: :wtf:
  8. Oooh, love it!! Love the color too. And here I thought I didn't like any of the new Chloe bags!

    D&G, you and I should start pooling our money to buy bags and then share custody of them since we seem to have the same taste and live in the same city!:p
  9. bag share lol, that could totally work!!!

    who gets the weekends tho ;) hee hee
  10. It's very nice :yes:
  11. That bag is top drawer; love the color too!
  12. Now why did you have to show me this!
  13. Oooh, I like it too!
  14. Interesting bag, and I love bettys, but not worth $2300 in my opinion....
  15. that chain is hot !