loving this forum!

  1. hey all! i just joined this forum yesterday and i'm already obsessed.

    reading over some of the other posts.... you all talk about purses, i've never really thought of before. and i thought I was the big LV fan. in a matter of a day, my taste in LV has really expanded.

    looks like i have a lot of money to start saving... good grief.
  2. Welcome......:flowers: Where in Texas are you?
  3. Welcome!
  4. Have fun! This place is a wonderful playground.
  5. Welcome...this forum is great!
  6. Welcome!:flowers:
  7. Welcome to the Purse Forum! Once you've been here a while, you will be broke! :graucho: :lol:
  8. Welcome, you're gonna :heart: it here
  9. Welcome, yes- this site is very addictive but it is very informational and educational as well! Enjoy, I know I have....
  10. Welcome......and just a fair warning....we're all enablers...we hard;ly ever say "don't buy a new purse" LOL
  11. Welcome to LV-a-holics-anonymous! :smile:
  12. so true! Welcome to TPF:flowers:
  13. Welcome! I think this forum is a bad influence...but nothing is stopping me! Glad you enjoy this place!
  14. Since you're new, you should know we all love to see pictures of all the stuff everyone has acquired. So feel free to post lots of pics and welcome to the community!
  15. haha! that's all i ask!