loving this!! (can you see it?)

I'm pretty sure that this website is legit!
I think that Star3777 commented on this site in another thread hmmm.... will try and find it.
LOL! I saw that handbag at Neimans at Northpark in Dallas when I bought little cargo bag. My daughter went to it and said "this is my favorite Mommy!" I told her it's not my style and said something about "your Italian Daddy would like that too, it's too gaudy for Mommy."
The SA said "that's my favorite bag too."

Can't comment on the website though!
It's adorable !

the site is real, star bought a bottega from there and i know she has other bottegas, so she would have known if it was fake.

addendum: balenciaga online isn't cause for concern all by itself, bobellisshoes.com sells balenciaga bags online and i know from personal exprience that they're real because i've been to their boutique in Atlanta many a time.