Loving these two bags

  1. Why does dior make so many pretty bags :sad:

    I absolutely love these two that I came across:


  2. is the boston new? i have never seen that with the flower before?
  3. awe the satin one is gorgeous!!!
  4. They've been around for a while but I hadn't seen one with double flowers.

    I want one, I love girly things.
  5. Oh! Do you? ... Well regarding yours posts, you don't seem to have what I'd name ... a girly mind? Joking! :p

    BTW, I've had a crush for the khaki trotter bolster :drool:. Shame I'm looking for a big bag now
  6. ... :wtf: Sorry for the mistake !! should have said : "I've had a crush on the khaki trotter bolster".

    I speak basic english, i hope you don't mind too much..
  7. I like girly things but I am far from girly myself :push:;)
  8. PS I emailed Sean from the dior outlet to see if any of these have come to them.
  9. Let me know also if the outlet has one also ;)
  10. Sure will :yes:
  11. I love that evening saddle, I've got the plain pale pink version but now I regret not having seen that one first, definitely would have got that instead!! It's so pretty!!
  12. I love the first one, so cute.
  13. satin saddle:heart::drool::heart:.... *becomes a split personality and tries to explain to herself she does not need another evening bag!*:lecture:
  14. nat you gotta go to paris during the sale season, i'm dead sure dior will pull out those mini satin saddles again in a bunch of colours.

    and while you're at it, could you bring me along in your suitcase? ;)
  15. i love the 1st one, im so sad i missed out on that collection i think that bag is absolutely gorgeous!

    & the 2nd one is beyooootiful :heart: