Loving the Trish...my first MJ piece

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been longing for a stam for the longest time but fell in love with the striped collection immediately after seeing some members' pictures here. (This forum is evvvil!!!! :p) Anywho, after a bit of a mental struggle (the stam is a bit too dressy for everyday casual wear), finally managed to get my hands on this Chili Trish. I'm completely in love with it...it goes well with everything and also love the fact that it's so versatile that I can carry it with both the handles AND with the strap. =)

    So hereby presenting my first MJ piece:

  2. Oh wow, congrats! What a wonderful MJ to have as your first. The chili color is one of the best for this line. Enjoy your new bag!
  3. What a great bag! Congrats!!
  4. Congrats! I have a Trish and I love her too! Enjoy!
  5. Congratulations! The striping line is gorgeous!
  6. welcome to the striping family....chili is my favorite color from this line, too - you did well!! :smile:
  7. Trish is a great bag. Congrats.
  8. AUGHH I am so jealous! :smile: I have been wanting the Trish for a while now! Congrats on the bag, it is GORGEOUS!!!