LOVING the Tan Leather! It's Luminous!!!

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  1. I have heard wonders about this Collonil spray. Where did you purchase this?
  2. Good question, is this a strictly UK product?

  3. You can look for it online. I think it is a UK product. I tried to pick some up at the Mulberry store in Manhattan and they told me to...go online, or get it from U.K.
    So in the meantime, do check out your local shoemaker or shoestore for water repellant spray.
  4. Thanks, all, for the protective spray suggestions! I will be getting something to protect my bags.
  5. I checked out the website. This might sound like a stupid question but there are several different Vectra products. Which one did you use on your handbags? Is it the one on the aerosol can for shoes-handbags-clothing?
  6. I heave heard so many great things about the Collonil spray. I would love to buy some but when I went to the website and tried to order it they didn't have a place for shipping to the US so I can't order it.:tdown:
  7. Karenina ~ I bought my Vectra a while back...I suggest you call the toll-free number and talk to the guy, it's the owner/creator, and he'll tell you which one. When I did this, he sent me some extra for free! I wish I can remember his name but I can't. At any rate, it's a FAB product.

    Also, there's another product that's great for waterproofing/weather-proofing leather: Pecard, which you may purchase directly from the manufacturer, online at David Morgan or eBay. Personally, I believe Pecard is the BEST. My hubby uses it for his antique military leather collectibles.

  8. I use Vectra Spray to waterproof/stainproof too, and can vouch for it. It sprays in a very fine mist, and kept the leather on my bags looking like new, without altering the color or texture. It's the Vectra 16 shoe-handbag-apparel aerosol can. I ordered online too.

    It must be pretty effective at stain repelling, because I sprayed my white denim jeans with the Vectra spray and a few days later spilled a bit of BBQ sauce on it. I wiped the excess off with a napkin, dabbed it with a wet cloth, and it was almost gone except for a faint faded spot. It completely disappeared when I washed the jeans a day later (using cold water, no bleach). Sorry TG, I know it's off-topic but it just amazed me that it worked.
  9. This is the one I use: http://thefurtraders.stores.yahoo.net/velepr.html