LOVING the Tan Leather! It's Luminous!!!

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  1. And now I'm wanting a TAN Stroke Me! Isn't that the way life is...we want what we don't have. I'm hoping Jackie will bring back Tan in her spring line.
    We have a long way to wait...! LOL
  2. It's difficult enough to deal with styles and colors, but with BE we have to choose textures. They are all so different and lovely. Your HM is so tempting!
  3. Oh Topicalgal, you are killing me. I still really want the Hold Me in Tan.:drool:
  4. Buttery caramel, my mouth is watering! I have seen a tan TMA at Stitch and the color is deep and rich and the leather very soft. I don't know if the color and leather on your bag is exactly the same but I think I understand your comments about the beauty of this color and leather. Are you concerned about keeping this color clean? I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten a tan medium SM when they were still available.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your HM and hope you continue to do so.
  5. I spray all my bags with a water protective spray. I'm never worried about using or getting my bags dirty. I use the bags, and by the time they are too dirty-- I'm probably tired of them and then give them away.
  6. What do you use to spray your bags, Tropical Gal?
  7. I know you didn't ask me, but I use Vectra. It's what Chanel recommends and a lot of the BV girls like!
  8. chris-this is exactly why I bought the SM tan ASAP> I wanted to make sure that I got the color! I will be protecting mine with Apple products. It is so SILKY SOFT and as TropicalGal said--Buttery Caramel!
  9. valkyrie360 ~ Vectra is a most excellent product. I use it on my oriental rugs (i.e., handknotted rugs, that is), as well as my collection of antique ethnic textiles.

  10. ^^

    Where can you get Vectra? Can it bought at the store or ordered online?
  11. FYI: The SMM in tan is available at muse ten if anyone is looking for it.
  12. kings_20, I ordered it online. Before I ordered it, I called the toll-free and spoke to the gentleman who created this product. I had lots of questions and he answered them all ~ really nice guy! He also sent me a sample of a facial tissue that had been treated with Vectra. I slowly poured some water over the tissue and it just rolled off. Check it out ~ it's an awesome product!
  13. Not that I was asked either...but I'm sure ya'll will forgive me for sharing! I used Collonil NanoPro Waterproofing Spray. I believe it is recommended for BV products. I sprayed my husband's favorite leather jacket and it works like a charm! Also heard very good things about Vectra...I think that was recommended for Chanel bags.
  14. I am also a lover of oriental rugs (we have a few)! Your collections sounds wonderful!
  15. I just use a spray that I bought at my local shoe store here in Mexico. So it is not fancy at all like I think yours are. I sprayed the bottom of one of my Mulberrys and it didn't change the color. So, off I went, spraying everything.
    I'm happy.