LOVING the Tan Leather! It's Luminous!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies! I can't believe how much I love the Tan leather in my Tan Hold me.
    You know, I'm not "leather crazy" like some of you are -- talking about smooshiness and smell... I usually just go for the design and color of a bag, and the leather, always nice at this price point, is not a big deal with me.
    But I am ADORING this Tan Leather! It is truly luminous. It looks like buttery caramel, it looks like velvet and has a depth. It has a life, and it has its markings and I love it!
    I hope when the time is right, Jackie brings back the perfect new style in matte tan leather! :woohoo:
  2. Sorry need to repost!
  3. Oh I so totally agree with you TropicalGal! i just received my SM in Tan today and it is like BUTTER! It is soft, real nice leather markings and the smell..good GOD the smell.
  4. It's funny TG, I was just at the BE website looking at that gorgeous tan HM that the model is holding and thinking about your description! So glad you're enjoying it -- you're making me lust after it intensely, BTW. Can't...resist... words...like...buttery...caramel...:borg:

    (I have always wanted to use the Borg symbol; finally an opportunity!!!)
  5. HEEEYYYYYY...why didn't my Borg smilie face show up????!!!
  6. You're not making it any easier for me TropicalGal!! LOL!!
    I'm on a bag ban until further notice, and I'm still hankering after a tan Hold Me!!
  7. TG! love your Hold Me, lets have a HM club!
  8. ^^^^Great idea! Why don't you start it? I feel like I've been starting too many threads lately.
  9. LOL!!! There can be a new thread for each bag style!!! Ooohhhh!!! X
  10. ^^^Well, in other sub forums, there is a "club" for each bag style, where the ladies who own that style can discuss issues relating to that style. I see on the forum there is already a Stroke Me club. So...if you have a favorite bag, start a club!
  11. Fab idea TG! Gonna start one for the TMA!
  12. Agree with TropicalGal ladies, the tan is a great looking color. Very neutral, very chic! I have it in the TMA and it's a great work bag!
  13. I love that Tan.... but not able to stretch to another one. :sad:
  14. TropicalGal - Your Tan Hold Me is gorgeous! I keep going back to the pictures just to look at it.

    If I didn't have the Tan SMM, I would consider buying the Tan Hold Me.

    I just posted pictures of my Tan SMM in the Stroke Me Club thread.
  15. All these descriptions on the matte leathers are definitely making me want to buy one. The description of the tan is beautiful!