1. Anyone have the Besace? Anyone ever compared the Rosebery to the Bloomsbury or anyone own both and what are your thoughts about it?
    Do u mainly wear as a crossbody? Handheld? Or shoulder maybe all the above perhaps through out the day?
  2. I have the roseberry and bloomsbury pm. The roseberry is bigger has different hardware can be hand held. I love my bloomie the best. It can hold a lot and the pleat makes it look so girlie
  3. I use the rosebery as a shoulder bag and hand held
  4. I just saw someone carry this bag yesterday. It looked really nice on her. I never considered owning one until yesterday. So im on here doing research. Lol.
  5. Anyone here have the Besace Rosebery? (the Damier Bag)
  6. I'm looking at this bag, too.
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    This looks amazing on you. :p

    I have never seen this bag before and so glad that I have. I would love to see pics of the inside, what kind of lining does it have and in what color?
    Also the top part of the bag closure. Does it have just the little flap closure or is there more?
    1803474d1342953166-loving-the-rosebery-club-image-2472620670.jpg 1803475d1342953183-loving-the-rosebery-club-image-2535927367.jpg 1803476d1342953193-loving-the-rosebery-club-image-4081685851.jpg
  8. I was wondering why is the besace quite expensive? is it because of the lining and the flaps? :smile:
  9. I too have been looking at the Besace Rosebery. I love crossbody bags and this one looks like it would never go out of style. It also looks like it has a lot of room. Maybe it'll be my 2013 present to myself.
  10. I'm now part of the club!! The picture doesn't do the bag justice!
  11. Another beauty I purchased before the price increase. It's truly comfortable and classy! :ps:
  12. Whice Rosebery did you get? I'm liking the Besace.
  13. I don't think I've posted my other pictures.
  14. My apologies for the very late response. I don't get notifications. I got the Cabas Rosebery and love it soooooo much! For some reason, I can't find a full frontal pic. But here she is with a juicy charm.

    Did you get the Besace?
  15. Hi there ladies. I'm joining the club with the Besace version of the Rosebery. I chose it because of the simple, classic shape and lightweight construction...
    1369480464026.jpg 1369480481842.jpg 1369480495605.jpg 1369480507688.jpg 1369480525158.jpg 1369480543181.jpg