Loving the new...

  1. Alto Carina in Fuchsia and the Leather Small Satchel that looks like a mini gator print. Why do they torture me this way!
  2. Off to Google. Thanks. <I think>. Ha ha.
  3. You can find them on Dooney.com. Click SHOP, then STYLES under the "Bags" heading, and finally VIEW ALL under "Bags". This is where I go everyday to check for new!

  4. LID: love the color too. It's a shame we can't get Alto at the outlets anymore.
  5. Yes. I agree. Even the prices on ILD are a little too steep for me. I think my Alto days are over.
  6. Love the Alto line. I have the Alto Viola in Brown T-moro!! The Carina is so pretty! The Alto Viola is still being offered but the price is significantly higher than what I paid for it about three or four years ago. The increased prices for the Alto line are definitely out of the question for me.