Loving the new layout

  1. nice and sophisticated, the way I like my purses :wlae:
  2. Very nice!!! Thanks for the hard work! Vlad!!!! ;)
  3. Great job vlad!
  4. Love the new layout and clean design. I thought the previous pink layout looked feminine and in my male opinion i was kinda turn off visiting a pink website, especially at work when my co-workers walks by my desk to see me browsing a pink website. Hehe. This new design can be for both sex and men can be part of the bags and purse community too. Keep up the good work PFers. :tup:
  5. Wow, that blue woke me up this morning! I love it, very nice!
  6. OMG I love it too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx Vlad & Megs!!!!!!!! I'm checking it out now...
  7. :tdown:vlad - lots of hard work - thank you! I thought my PC had gone 'wonky' this morning - then I saw the message - very nice, I think our Forum is the best!!!:yes:
  8. WOW! It looks fantastic. Thank you for your hard work:okay:!
  9. I love it too...very chic and easy on the eyes...love the blue!!
    Thanks Vlad!!
  10. this new face just look so freshly!
  11. I love the way it says "purse addicts" and then that is crossed out and it says "members', cute Vlad!
  12. :tup: I love love love it too!
  13. I do to Megs, its feels so new!!! Love it all!
  14. I LOVE THIS ..I was having a bad start to my day but this made my morning
  15. Very cool, thanks Vlad! I like the SHALLOW OBSESSING STRONGLY ENCOURAGED in the butch font! Like it's commanding me to obsess shallowly.