Loving the new Chloe Maggie bag?

  1. I think this bag is great, what do you think?
    Maybe the new Paddington?
    Looks like great leather!

  2. Yep I saw a couple of ads in the mags for this one this week, I am liking Maggie :biggrin:, gorgeous colour :smile:
  3. I dont like it and nothing IMO can replace the paddy!
  4. Looks like carry-on luggage.

    Just my opinion....
  5. I like this bag..... I think the price is too high $2900 USD.
  6. I don't like the shape of the flap and that turns me off to the whole bag. The colors are nice, though.
  7. oooh, this looks really nice i think! i love big bags that you can stash everything in, or use as a luggage bag - i agree though, the price is too high!
  8. $2900 for this bag? WAY too high in my opinion! When will the designer bag inflation on prices stop! I hope soon. This is not only a problem with Chloe bags but with designer bags in general. Bags that are really worth around $1000-1100 or so in looks, materials and quality are now way over $2000 retail. This is bad enough but as they start to push $3,000 retail I have to wonder who the design house think are going to buy them. Price alone cannot cause a trend or demand.

    This whole trend of making bags exclusive by pricing them out of control is turning me off. :yucky:
  9. It's HUUUUUGGGEE. Wondering if there are other Maggie styles. That particular one isn't for me.
  10. I like it, but it looks far too big for me.:rolleyes:
    The leather reminds me of the Ascot.
  11. ITA - and it'll be the designers who lose out in the end, because the likes of you, me and everyone else who doesn't have celebrity status/a sugar daddy/millionaire parents won't be able to afford them - and that means less sales overall.:smile:

    Maybe they're trying to make the bags so out of price-range to the masses, to make them even more desirable...?

    Personally, it just makes me turn away and go look for something that i can afford.;)
  12. The funny/sad thing is that celebrities are not even paying for the bags usually. They get them for free to "promote" them by wearing them around in public and being photographed in them so that we mere mortals see the bag on celebrities and start to crave one.

    In my opinion, a $2900 bag should at least be made of python or something exotic, and even then I would not pay full retail. I simply do not think that an average person (ie not a billionaire or someone dating a billionaire or someone who is getting the bag for free) wants to put $2900 into one bag.

    Even if I did want to put $2900 into one bag, it would definitely not be this one. :yucky: I have plenty of luggage already.

    Just my opinion.
  13. Nice but too expensive. I imagine it's very heavy too?
  14. Too big and too expensive for my liking but the leather looks fab