Loving the mini

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  1. Oh gosh! This is indeed adorable!!! off to look for one:biggrin:
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  2. Amazing. Now I definitely need one too! :panic:
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  3. Ooh a small phone! How nice. Phones are so huge now.
  4. I have and 8+, so it may not fit. Well, good for me... one less cutie to go on my list
  5. I’m getting a new one next month...
  6. How much larger is it than an 8?
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  7. About an inch difference, I think
  8. Here's an 8 inside the bag. With an 8+ you'll have to be a bit conscious of how you put the phone in (can't just drop it in but will have to maneuver it a little, nothing too tough though) but as you can see once its in there's still couple inches of space at the end (I've pushed it to one end of the bag to show the space left). Mind you, the phone is the only thing in there at present but if you pack light I think it'll work. I think the trick here is no wallet at all but a small card holder only with minimal in it. fullsizeoutput_3cf.jpeg IMG_7170.JPG
  9. Thank you for sharing. It is really a cute pic.
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  10. Awesomeness!!! Congrats, Much! enjoy in good health! :drinks:
  11. Thanks! That’s such a cute thing, enjoy it!!!
  12. Thanks, I like to enable as much as possible :biggrin:
  13. ;)
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  14. Thanks!
  15. Noooooooo no more cute little purses!!! Why???? Why did I open this thread???? Arrrggghhhhhhhhh
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