Loving the mini

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
    This is one seriously adorable little bag and bigger than I expected based on what I've read. It easily holds my phone, keys, inhaler, lip gloss and has room for a small something for cash and CCs. And is easy to get in and out of as well! Colour code is turbolence.
    fullsizeoutput_3cc.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3cd.jpeg
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  2. It’s like a wristlet
    Great little bag
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  3. But roomier than I thought. That was a pleasant surprise!
  4. Adorable is the word!! :love::love: Love the colour too, huge congrats!
  5. Thanks! Perfect for dinners out :biggrin:.
  6. That is so cute it hurts!! Thanks for sharing, muchstuff!
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  7. I may have to look for another one :lol:
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  8. Gorgeous color! Reminds me of Atlantic in a way. It really fits more than I thought it would. Congrats! I'm sure you are making a lot of us want one now.
  9. Actually a pretty solid purple IMO, always so tough to photograph colour :annoyed:. Its like buying a car, I'm finding minis all over the place now that I have one :lol:.
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  10. ! Yep, purple and blues are always hard to photograph.
  11. And reds...
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  12. Adorable! What size phone? It probably wouldn’t hold an iPhone+ size?
  13. An iPhone 8 fits quite easily. Don't know about an X, is it much bigger?
  14. The X is about the same width but a little longer. The size is close - much smaller than the plus variants.
  15. I still have a 5S :lol:
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