Loving the matte leather!

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  1. I know that many of you had lots of matte leather BE bags before I did, but I just have to say I'm loving the matte leather!

    This is the first time I've had this sort of leather, and I am completely smitten!

    Yes, I love my petrol IY tote to bits and it's a glossy type of leather and a different type of bag altogether, but the matte leather has won my heart! :heart:

    It's all sort of thick and chewy and soft - basically, it just really does it for me!

    I hope that Jackie continues to make more matte leather bags!

    I mean, I've never seen the crash leather irl but who knows, I might feel the same way about it as well, but at the minute I am just :drool: over the matte!
  2. Congratulatons! I have yet to get a matte leather BE bag. I really want a matte chocolate Whisper To Me. I'm hoping I can talk enough people into getting that bag with me.

    I also wish the matte grey leather was available in a few of these fall leather bags.
  3. My aqua SM is matte and it is VERY soft, softer and more lush than my glossy tan SM.
  4. I agree. The matte leather is absolutely the most gorgeous leather I have seen anywhere.
  5. I cannot wait for my LM midi in the dark grey and experience the leather for myself. The raves for the leather is great. I had a matte old chocolate and the leather was really soft and supple on that bag as well.
  6. I am SO excited !!!

    Thanks for the review Cornflower Blue!!!
  7. Don't have any matte, but it does look so soft you could sleep on it or swim in it!
  8. I tell you that dark grey and chocolate leather is the most amazing leather I have ever seen!! I am so glad that you love the dark grey, it is sooooo amazing.
  9. I've read so much good stuff about the dark grey leather, and from the pictures, I've really fallen in love! So, of course, the new line doesn't have the same leather, only glossy dark grey. :cry:

    I'm glad you love yours!
  10. I really want a matte leather now from everyone's descriptions of it! Sounds gorgeous and lusciously velvety soft. Too many choices!!!
  11. I wonder what the diff is between the glossy dark gray and regular? The pictures weren't good enough to tell :confused1: I thought it was the same. Hopefully it's as nice because I'd love to get a nicer smelling leather then the crash.
  12. The glossy and matte leathers are very different. The glossy dark grey will have a finish similar to the wine and petrol.

    I would love something in the fall line in the matte dark grey. Maybe all those that are interested in a glossy dark grey hug me would be up for a matte grey Hug Me instead.

    Either that or a MMS Midi or a TME or TME midi.
  13. ^Thanks for your reply circoit. If it's glazed, I'd rather have the matte. It's kind of dissapointing they don't have more matte choices this time around. I already have 2 glazed bags (purple & fuschia) on the way so I'd rather try a differnt leather type. I had emailed Jackie to see if she had any more of the LMM's left. Otherwise I'd prob be interested in the TME midi.
  14. I agree with you about the matte leathers. I am hoping that when it gets closer to fall and bags start to arrive, that we will have some more people craving matte leather bags. Then, hopefully we can put together a few bespokes - one for something in matte chocolate and another in matte grey!
  15. ^^
    Circoit, you should email Jackie and let her know that people are interested in the matte leathers and maybe she will offer them in more styles. It's worth a try.