Loving My Surprise Me

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  1. My pewter surprise me and angel purse arrived the other day. I originally was very torn about entering the bespoke because I had just received a pewter LM from the group bespoke and thought I should switch up my colors. But, I am SO glad I joined. The bag is great!!! It is light, comfortable (except for a little extra lump of thread poking out of the pad on the shoulder strap that I plan to e-mail Jackie, et al about) and it can fit so much without looking awkward. I know there's been a lot of worry about how much this little bag can hold because it's flat. But, I'm here to tell you that it can hold a lot!!

    Here's what I pack -
    HH pompidou
    Epipen 2 pack with holder
    small soft wipes pack
    small calendar
    hand sanitizer spray
    angel purse - (I'm using it as first aid kit now, but not sure whether I'll just switch back to using the ap as a wallet and putting first aid supplies in inside pocket b/c that would free up a lot of space.)
    iphone in outside pocket
    kleenex in outside pocket
    small wet ones hand sanitizing wipes in outside pocket

    Even with all of these things, I could still fit a .5 L poland springs sparkling water bottle in the middle of the bag and it didn't look awkward. I think the pompidou and epipen make the bag pretty evenly spaced out, which helps it keep its shape when I put something big like a water bottle in it.

    I think it's a great messenger bag and think I'll be getting a lot of use out of it and may want one in another good fall color!!!

    I did find the tassles overwhelming when it arrived. I liked them, but having them on both sides and the top zipper was just too much for me. So, I trimmed them all back so that none of them hang down past the bottom of the bag.
  2. So glad that you love the bag!! I too am really enjoying it...like you, I had just received another pewter bag so I was a teeny bit on the fence about getting another one. But I am glad I did, because when I travel with the SPM I know that it wil go with everything, so it'll be a no-brainer!

    ITA with you about how much this bag can carry, too -- it's brilliant! :smile:
  3. I too was surprised at how much I could fit in it! I am looking forward to carrying this bag when traveling!
  4. Wow! That's a lot of stuff in your bag :yes:! Congrats...it sounds like a great purchase for you :tup:
  5. Congrats! Glad you love it. Mine it waiting at the post office for me, but I haven't been able to get over there to grab it. I'm excited to see it in person ... I love that you have been able to fit so much into it!
  6. I'm glad that you love it! :yahoo:

    My Pewter Surprise Me and AP finally arrived today. My first impression is similar - it's very light and comfortable and can hold a lot more than I expected. I am really surprised by how much can fit in the bag. However, I don't plan on carrying a lot of stuff when I use it.

    I think Pewter is a great choice for this bag. The simple design allows the beauty of the Pewter to stand out. The threading is a nice detail and I like that it has a zipper on top instead of a drawstring. The tassels are long, but I'm going to keep them that way for now to see how they work out. For a messenger bag, the size is just right for me, not too big and not too small. I love the purple lining and the AP was a great bonus!

    I'll try to post pictures after I've used it a few times and can drag myself away from work.