Loving my preloved Thames GM

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  1. I was needing something in my collection that was mom-friendly...but not some major tote or dark hole of a hobo. I started combing over preloved bags of older models of LV and stumbled on the Thames. Before I even purchased one, I knew this was the bag I had been searching for. She arrived today in almost new condition. IMG_3332.JPG IMG_3333.JPG 57436227524__E02008A2-2DC5-4188-94D0-390AA787A532.JPG
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  2. Beautiful
  3. What a pretty bag! Enjoy!
  4. I never really liked this bag until now. It looks good on you! I also find the Bloomsbury to be mom-friendly! (I got the GM but I think PM would actually be big enough).
  5. Congrats!!! Love this bag.
  6. It’s gorgeous, I wish I had one :girlsigh:
  7. Looks great on you! Congrats! :smile:
  8. Beautiful bag!
  9. Looks great on you, may I ask where you purchased it?
  10. Fashionphile. They’ve had a really good assortment of gently preloved. I just scooped up a DE one from 2012 that is pristine.
  11. It is pretty!!! I was actually following this particular bag in FP... Congratulations!!
  12. Love this! I have a Thames GM in DE that my hubby got for me new in 2009 - still one of my most loved!
  13. I just ordered the Damier Ebene in GM size this week I’m totally obsessed. I like the Galliera pm, but it’s just too big and I know I’d lose everything down in there.
  14. Looks wonderful on you! I check out FP a few times a week and have purchased (and sold) there too with no problems,
  15. It’s so beautiful!!