Loving my new Batignolles Horizontal!!

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  1. I purchased my BH a few days ago and to be honest it wasn't my favorite bag, the Cabas Mezzo was but with the vachetta on the bottom I figured the BH was a more practical choice for me. Anyway, I am LOVING this bag. It is so deceptive. You can fit everything in it. I love the open top, I love everything about it. The only thing I would change at all if I could would to make the straps a little bit longer, other than that I love it!!!! I have a question about the straps. It was raining here today and I was so afraid to take the bag out. If some rain drops get on the straps will it dry up and not show or should I not have it out in the rain. I know with my older bag, the straps are already colored and it is never a problem out in the rain just not sure with the new straps if I should be really careful. Just wanted to say how much I love this bag already.
  2. well it will stain but when the patina starts to kick in, my speedy goes in the rain all the time no matter how much i try to cover it up and its my first and only LV bag only a month an half old but tbh it is only a bag, no offence to anybody and i do love it soooo much but its not the end of the world if it gets a few stains on from rain.
  3. welcome to the bati club hahhaa
  4. Just got mine too,.....love it !!!! I was afraid the zipper compartment would not fit my Perfo Comact Wallet, but it does !!!!
  5. Woohoo! I ADORE mine too!
    Raindrops haven't stained mine yet ;)
  6. Spray the vachetta with apple garde and you're good to go.
    When I had my piano bag I spray the vachetta parts every 2-3 months and my patina was super even with no watermarks on it at all.
  7. Oh my goodness guys, everyone's in the batignolles club now but me, stop giving me ideas !! ;)

    And you may also want to give "Shining Monkey" spray a try as well, to protect the vachetta.
  8. I'm seriously tempted by this bag. It seems so functional and easy to use. This one I may have to hide from the DH considering I just upgraded from a le-tal to l-epan GM.
  9. This bag gets rave reviews, maybe I should look into it :nuts:

    Congrats on your purchase!
  10. Well I used my BH on the ultimate test today...school field trip!!! It was so great! Confortable and I felt so good carrying it. My poor other bags are crying because I fear I will not take them out for a while :smile:
    My bet would be that they are going to raise the price on them soon. My SA told me they are selling like hotcakes. They really are a great deal. So much bag with so much impact for only $775
  11. Hmm I am so thinking I have to have this bag. A frined of mine is selling hers for $600. Maybe I should spring for that one in the next month or so and sell my Cabas Piano!!!! Only thing I fear is not having a zip top closure...
  12. Yay! I love the BH too. It's so good looking, and so practical.
  13. The lack of a zipper does not bother me...the bag is deep enough that I don't find it an issue at all.
  14. Awesome bag; I am surprised LV did not raise the price already.
  15. Bonjour, Vuitton raises prices once a year (middle of January). It doesn't depend on the success of the bag, they just follow inflation.