Loving my new AW Jena lasor cut clutch

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  1. Arrived from Net A Porter yesterday and the texture is amazing!:biggrin: It doesn't come out fully in the photo but it's like these tiny little razor cuts in folds and ridges all over the surface.


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  2. Very nice. I like this clutch! It is chic also very functional. Congratulation!
  3. Congrats. It is an awsome clutch.
  4. That is beautiful!
  5. Thank you girls! It's surprisingly roomy. Fit my long wallet, iPhone and some random small items and still looked flat:biggrin:
  6. Oh very nice!!!
  7. gorgeous! :yahoo:
  8. very nice. I also like the notebook clutch.
  9. Oh my god! Your pics look amazing--the texture is really cool, isn't it? Congrats on a lovely clutch!
  10. mavsun, yes, the notebook clutch is also very tempting but I already have two clutches in the same snake/python color, so I'm still debating.

    peppamint, the texture is lovely. I can't stop fingering it when I'm holding it. I hope I don't rub it raw :sweatdrop: