Loving my HH Gaza!

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  1. I've been carrying the HH Gaza that I got when they had their sale....I'm really loving this bag! The compartments are great, the distressed brown leather is wonderful (nice and thick and I don't have to baby it), fits on my shoulder comfortably....by far my favorite impulse buy that Ive made!

    If you get the chance to try one of these, go for it :smile:
  2. I sold mine when I had it in the plum color. It was an impulse purchase but I wanted to buy my perfect purple bag and I knew this wasn't it. I know what you mean about the leather though!
  3. Ooh I have this bag in Plum and I love it - totally agree with the leather!
    I believe it is available at the HH sample sale now at a great price!
  4. Can you post pic's ? sounds like a great bag.
  5. So glad you love your bag! I have the Bittersweet and I love it! Congrats!!
  6. where are the pictures? lol, I want to see!
  7. Congrats! I have the Gaza satchel in Bittersweet and *adore* it. The leather is so wonderfully textured and supple and it holds everything I could possibly toss in it or it's myriad of pockets. :heart:

    Enjoy that baby!
  8. Glad you love it! I have the Hobo Gaza and adore it too! Mine is the fir colour and it's unbelievably versatile!
  9. Congrats on your new bag, I was eyeing that bag but ended up with the Margot, I have 2 Gaza Hobos :shame:...I love the leather on them
  10. I am so glad that you love yours! I have one in taupe and just love mine.