loving my goyard =)

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  1. THANKS yakusoku.af, Longchamp, Damier Dork, slang, DamierLover, glamstudio, lulilu & scholastican! :cutesy:
  2. I have been using the orange sac hardy since I just got it :winkiss:
  3. nice ;), i got it together with the orange hardy, i havent used it though. we're going out of town next weekend with a 4 month old daughter in tow, im sure feeding bottles, nappy and burp cloths will be in full access with this st. louis GM :whistle:
  4. Great collection! Thanks for sharing
  5. lovely collection!!
  6. thanks bextasy & r.b_boi! :biggrin:
  7. hey gorgeous1s, lovely collection!

    I just got a croisiere in black. Would you know if the buttons on the sides really have logos embedded on them? The old ones doesn't have any logo.
  8. i just got my second st. louis (first is the bright blue from a few years ago) and my newest is the all black (with blue stripes and initials).....and i've been tempted to get another. Seeing all of yours makes me very very tempted to get a third! They are so addicting! Do you wear the red alot? I am thinking red, white, or green
  9. you have a lovely collection Goyard. :tup: I'm jealous :smile:
  10. Thanks green_apples! :biggrin:

    Re: buttons --- mine doesn't :biggrin:
  11. Thanks mariposalu! :smile:

    I don't get to use my red croisiere a lot. It all depends on what I'm wearing and where I am going. For the past 4 months I haven't used it though, since I have a 4 month old daughter and so I have to keep my hands free for her :smile:

    my 2 cents:
    -i like this shade of red compared to the bordeaux and I have received a lot of compliments for it, even from guy friends who know nothing about it :smile:
    -white turns yellowish according to my SIL who had one but sold it as soon as it started to turn a bit yellow.
    -green is the next color i want to get, still deciding on what style :P
  12. thanks elle_shopper! ;)
  13. gorgeous1s, when did you purchase your croisiere? I'm thinking if the logo on the buttons are new designs. I ordered from pinktopaz.
  14. Tell the Hubby that he nailed it! The colors are fantastic! Thank you so very much for sharing!
  15. Super family pic! I can't believe I just now saw your amazing collection! I need to catch up, or I will miss some more amazing reveals. Thanks for sharing your happy rainbow. Makes me hungry for skittles. YUM!;)
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