Loving my Double Bag...still!!!

  1. My double bag is such a versatile bag! I have the small black/anthracite. It is light, roomy and can take me from day to night.

    Do you love your double as much as I do? Pics please! :p
    YSL double bag.JPG YSL double bag (1).JPG YSL double bag (2).JPG
  2. I dont have a double bag, even though i did consider buying one but opted for the muse instead. Yours looks great!
  3. your bag looks gorgeous!
  4. That bag is gorgeous!! How much was it? Can we see some modelling pics for indication of size?

    I like it more than Baby Cabas,which I'm on the hopeless waiting list for...:nuts:
  5. nice bag!!
  6. i really like this bag too!
  7. I have the same bag and I love the way it looks! However, as a practical matter I sometimes use another bag as I find it very floppy and stuff tends to really get lost in it. Having said that, I actually carried it today. It gets a lot of compliments and I caught someone staring at it!
  8. i have a large muse too...in black! i love these 2 YSL bags to death! my mom loves my muse too...she keeps in using it when im not home. haha:p
  9. here's my small double bag carried over the shoulder and over the arm. i usually use the anthracite side coz the color is just amazing! :drool:

    for reference, my height is 5'3". my weight? you dont wanna know...boohoo...
  10. hi quirkycool! here are some pics of me wearing my double bag. shown is the anthracite side. for reference, i'm 5'3".

    i also posted a pic of me wearing my baby cabas so you can compare. the cabas is slightly longer and the leather is more stiff than the double bag. i love both bags though!:heart::graucho:
    DSC01695.JPG DSC01697.JPG Email chanel cabas 1.JPG
  11. This bag is stunning! I really hope to get one too, because it's such a gorgeous bag.
  12. The bag looks fantastic! I've been wanting to buy that bag in those colors. How do you like the size of it?

  13. the size is perfect for me. it packs a lot but remains stylish and chic. i find the large too big for me. maybe for a taller person (im 5'3") it would look great.