Loving my Bags

  1. Thanks princepreston for your comments :smile: d&b Jenna is a beauty. And also has sentimental value since it's a gift from a client :smile: I love D&B!

    I really don't look for new things, but rather find old stuff then try to restore them. I guess it's my skills in arts and handicrafts, that's why I find ways to restore, clean and accessorize and it feels good when someone appreciates my crafts :smile: somehow I'm fulfilled! :smile: Glad you appreciate it :smile:

    I have been very busy With work lately. Hope to share the others when I have spare time! :smile:

  2. I love the balenciaga's ones
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    Went to hear mass with my duble flap vintage :smile:


    Before storing, must clean and condition her! 
  4. Thanks rueterral! :smile:

  5. Hi there!Does your Gucci have detachable straps?my friend was able to buy one online and the seller said the Gucci released Sukey Bostons without the straps back in 2011. Hope to hear from you and hers doesnt have the leather in the bottom part of her bag.

    Thanks much!
  6. Hello CeePee! Mine has detachable strap and bottom part is leather :smile: I'm not too sure when my bag was release though. :smile:
  7. Thanks for replying:smile:
    Do you think my friend's bag is not authentic?
  8. No prob! :smile: Goodluck on your friend's gucci :smile: 

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    Yehey! Skies has cleared and so i used my Hermes herbag to work :smile: This is my first pre-loved high end bag and got it in good condition..Style is very classic.  Love the idea of it being a 2-way bag (it could be handheld and shoulder/sling) not to mention canvass can be interchanged, Though it took me some time to master the changing of canvass. It was really challenging! :smile: 






    Herbag at work! With my handmade twilly :smile:

  10. The Hermes is nice where did you find it?
  11. looking at all of these purses are making me go through withdrawal of not purchasing a bag in a while... EEEEEEK. I have 2 gucci wallets, a messenger bag, a vintage cross body and large web bag i believe it's called and a large crossbody bag. LOVE them all, hopefull will buy more and have a bigger collection to show when i come back from Vegas in october :smile:
  12. I have 7 or 8 designer bags now. How do you store/display? I am thinking of installing shelves so i can see what i have but dont want to risk damaging with dust, sunlight, etc. Should i just leave in their dust bgs?
  13. Hi diamondigrl1! :smile: I bought it from a friend :smile: she has too many birkins so she sold this for a really good price :smile: 

    Hi stacey! Yes dear, it took me alot! :smile: Hey you have wonderful items to start with your collection!

    Wow! I love Vegas!  Does M&M store still there? Hehe been there like 10years ago!  :smile: looking forward to seeing your fab bag collection! 