Loving my Bags

  1.  thanks for appreciating! :smile:
  2. What a lovely, varied collection. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  3. Thanks much MrsPPS! You're one of my inspiration  Love your bag closet by the way.. Im already designing a bag closet for my growing bag collection! :smile:
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    My first Christian Dior  The Double Saddle Denim Bag.. Bought this online and it brought me to TPF..  Lovely authenticators from Dior forum helped me with this beautiful piece :smile: Loving it even if it's pre-owned. I'm not really a fan of small bags but this one is an exemption :smile: The old denim effect adds beauty to the bag :smile:


  5. Mulberry Jacquetta Darwin Oak Leather Bag.

    Love the color, its details, the structure and how the leather aged naturally. Have not use this for quite some time and i'm missing it :smile: Hope I could do mod shot for this one :smile: and for the rest! :smile:


  6. love this color! and love that it's named for a saffron sauce!
  7. Really? Didn't know that! :smile: and now I know  Thanks for the info! :smile: :smile:
  8. beautiful bag!!
  9. Beautiful bags, Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for visiting! :smile:
  11. Inspired by a co-TPFer :smile: I went on hunting for Lady Dior bags.. Glad I found this! Large Lady Dior Nylon Cannage in beige (light brown)



    At first, it was a bit of a problem because the color and material attract dirt and oil alot! then through extensive research :smile:, thAnks also to TPF, I was able to clean it without sending the bag to a bag spa shop! I can now use it without worrying much!:smile:

    (re-posted photo)
  12. classy collection, thanks for sharing
  13. LV Saint Cloud GM just got back from the bag spa. :smile: I have the strap cleaned and conditioned to preserve it. Even if this is already a discontinued, I find its design elegant and timeless..


  14. Awww.. Thanks airborne! :smile:
  15. makes me think of Sex and the City in the best way possible. :smile: