Loving my Bags

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    I've been a member of TPF just recently :smile: and I was really inspired by our fellow TPFers' bag collection so I decided to show some of mine :smile:

    My LV Deauville is my most used bag  I carry it to work and it can fit all my office stuff :smile: I even use it to carry my little girl's feeding bottles! 

  2. My Chanel Chocolate Bar Medium Tote Lambskin Leather was a Chriatmas gift from my husband  It was bought from Dubai and i love it so much


  3. Dooney and Bourke Jenna Bag..

    In 2010, When I was on tour in the US, I visited one of my client. She was very accommodating and gave me "Jenna" as a souvenir 

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  4. Beautiful pieces :smile:
  5. Thanks! :smile:
  6. Here's my Balenciaga Box Bag in Rouille (rust orange) color.

    Bought it online from a co-TPFer :smile:  I love the color so much and is one of the best bag I have so far :smile:


  7. Lovely pieces you have there!!
  8. Thanks for dropping by! :smile:
  9. I love the patina on your Deauville! :tup:
  10. Love your bags. Thanks for sharing.
  11. beautiful
  12. I Agree with you bry_dee! :smile: This is better looking than the brandnew vachetta :smile: 
  13. Thanks so much! will post more as soon as I take photos of the others 
  14. My black Balenciaga Tube Tote is my first Balenciaga bag which I bought from Dubai. Was thinking of Neverfull then but I end up buying this! No regrets  :smile:


  15. I like them all. :smile: