Loving my bags question?

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  1. Hey quick question I never used loving my bags cleaner but I hear a lot of people say good things about it.. I wondering if anyone has used it on the neverful? I have the Neverful Gm and its about a year old and I just decided to start using it and not babying it .. Lol... So the vachetta is starting to patina .. N it seems to be darker or dirty where it hits under my arm. So my question is will the loving my bags clean that and even out the patina? I'm also planning on getting a speedy to so the cleaner will def help... Also if u use it on brand new vachetta will it darken it? Thanks for any help!
  2. Anyone
  3. Used it on a preloved galliera gm as it's prone to marks close to where the rings are. It's a great product IMO. it doesn't smell like chemical for one. And it didn't darken the vachetta more than it already was. The leather conditioner also brought life back to dry areas of the vachetta.
    There are a few threads here that even provide before and after pics. Also there's a video on you tube that demonstrate the product on the handles of a delightful purse (if I remember correctly) thats new and has no patina yet.
  4. Yes i have used lovingmybags kit on my Neverfull after few months of using it (clean, protect, then condition)
    I also used it on my brand new Delightful (I applied the PROTECTANT ONLY. I skipped the cleaner and conditioner because it is brand new)
  5. Do you guys find that after you do the 3 steps w LMB the vachetta feels sticky?
  6. Hi. You have to buff the vachetta (using a microfiber cloth) after it has dried up to remove the stickiness and to make it shiny :smile:
  7. I know so many people are fans of loving my bag products but I didn't really care for it. I used it on my brand new delightful and it left a water spot/ grease mark. Perhaps I didn't apply it correctly, although I thought I followed the directions?! I wish I hadn't used it. The SA at my local lv store don't recommend putting anything on the leather anyway. I know so many people do treat their bags though.
  8. I'm not sure if I would use it on new vachetta I'm scared of messing it up... But maybe to get some dirty off of my neverful so it Patinas more evenly.... I dunno
  9. I thought I was going to be protecting it from future stains/watermarks. Instead I seemed to have brought on my own stains! Ugh!!!!
  10. YES! I am probably in the minority here but I am not a fan of the product. It left my handles feeling very sticky and waxy. I ended up using Apple cleaner to remove it and they feel much better now. I used the LMB cleaner on some vachetta stains and it didn't help at all. The area I used it on got bigger and darker. I bought the 3 step package... now I'm back to Apple products.
  11. Yeah, for $60, this lady is obviously making a profit from the mystery cream. I also haven't really seen any difference on the vachetta.
  12. I use the LV Vachetta kit on all of my bags - I have never had any problems with the products, expect for the fact that they are terribly overpriced. In my experience, the cleanser works best with the sponges, not the microfiber cloths. Usually, the kit ships with one or two very small sponges. One sponge barely lasts long enough to clean a Monogram Alma or Cabas Mezzo. Additional sponges are available for a $1.00 each by sending Barbara an email. She will invoice the sponges separately. I've found it best to let each step dry overnight - It's a labor intensive and drawn out process, but you will achieve spectacular results!