Loving my bags lv kit

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  1. I trying to put some love back into my galliera. I've seen people on here talk about the sponges that come with the kit. Can I purchase more at the store? What kind of sponges are they and do I have to order through loving my bags? Do I have to request the sponge over the microfiber cloth?
  2. I've used cotton pads and it worked just fine. I didn't feel the need to go out and buy more LMB sponges or towels.
  3. Do you mind sharing your process? I need to clean the vachetta and moisturize it. The leather dried out a bit sitting in a dustbag in a box in between moving home finish planning my wedding and then moving again
  4. I just follow the instructions that com with the kit. For water stains or stains, I do aggressively clean with the first cleaner. I noticed that the cotton pads and q-tips work great!!
  5. Thanks!! I will order my kit tonight!
  6. The sponges are just Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (the original plain one)
    word to the wise, be careful when using the magic erasers. A little goes a long way, do with a light hand :smile:
  7. I'm sorry, what is this kit you speak of? Did it come with the Galleria?
  8. Where do you get this kit? What is the price please?
  9. It's a kit I've found highly recommended on the purse forum it's by loving my bags. It's a kit that comes with a leather cleaner protector and moisturizer. The kit I am purchasing is $60 and right now if you use the promo code love it takes 10% off. To me it's a small price to pay to try and save and revive a bag. And since i just moved to a new state, don't have a job and my husband is a work a holic. It gives me a nice time consuming project.
  10. Thanks so much! I've read on here people suggesting to cut it into smaller squares. Also do you still dip the sponge in some water and then add the product or moisten sponge with product? I'm about to order my kit. Hopefully it ships out first thing Monday morning!
  11. Whenever I clean my bags, I tell everyone I need some me time with no distractions. Lock myself in my office with some music and go to work. It's pretty relaxing. :graucho:
    And you know you are doing something that's taking care of the bags in the long run!
  12. Perfect! My husband normally works about 11-13 hour days. So I have free range of our house! Looks like I'll enjoy some pasta and wine and then turn on my favorite pandora station! Do you have any recommended tips or tricks? I've read in several spots its best to do one step each say with the kit. To let the leather kinda "breathe" but my leather is pretty dirty so it may need two days of some loving! Then a few more days of strictly moisturizing it.
  13. When I take my galliera in to get the screw replaced for the ring, I'm going to ask how much it would be to replace the leather and the plate. I bought this bag used for a steal that I don't mind putting some money into it. I wonder how much lv would charge for that
  14. My cousin's bag (forget the name) has a plate that came off on the corner, the store quoted her $100 just to fix the plate.
  15. Oh wow! That's a bit pricey to me since nothing is exactly wrong with my plate just a little scuffed. The leather behind the plate however has seen better days