Loving my Anna Corinna jr. jetsetter

  1. So my AC Jr. Jetsetter in Eggplant came today and I LOVE IT!!!! I got it from Amazon (after many, many headaches w/ their stock volumes, customer service blah, blah, blah) but it finally arrived. Best part...besides the color that is----I got it for $206.00. That is the best deal I have found so far!
    If anyone else is interested, Gimmeshoes.com has them in many wonderful colors on sale for $280.00. My new fav bag!:love:
  2. congrats!!! I have always eyeballed this bag!! post pics if you get a chance!!
  3. ooh, i would love to see pics too! i have been thinking about this one for a while - i'm so glad you like it!
  4. Congrats! So you did end up getting the eggplant, it is a beautiful colour. Post pics and more details pls! (Can you post a modelling one, because I'm also thinking of getting a Jetsetter Jr) How is the leather? does it fit comfortably on your shoulder?
  5. Yes, please post modelling pics -- congrats!
  6. I will try to post pics as soon as possible. It is very comfortable under the arm and the leather looks super rich...I just have one problem and I am hoping you girls can help me.
    After I posted this thread, I was looking over the bag a little more closely. The gold turnlocks on the top are somewhat scratched (not terrible but normal wear & tear) and the rounded edges of the bag where the body of the bag meets the base is totally worn!!!!! I am 100% sure this bag was used before now that I inspect it closer.
    Due to the dark color of the bag, the wear isn't that noticable but it was sold by Amazon LLC, not a 3rd party vendor. SHADY!!!!!!!!
    This is my question, I got it for $206.00 when shoptwigs is selling in on their website (same color, same bag) for $492.00. Now I realize why/how I got such a great deal. Is it worth keeping for some minor wear or should I return it and buy it from another retailer, brand new but for a MUCH higher price.
    I guess the wear will appear with time on a new bag...it is just different if I put wear on the bag vs. if it comes from the LARGEST ONLINE RETAILER in the world that way.
    What would you do?
  7. Wow that's a tough one. I would be upset that they didn't advertise the purse as pre-owned. It depends if the wear is bad enough. I really don't know. I would probably return it just because I would be mad, kinda feel like they tricked me!
  8. I have a Jet Setter Jr too. Mine is in stone, and I love it!
    About your bag, it sucks it was advertised as preowned, but since you didnt even notice the wear at first it must not be that bad, and the price is so low, if I was you I would keep it but send them an email letting them know you are displeased about being misled.
  9. If I were you, I'd keep it and complain nice and loudly to Amazon. See if you can get a further discount or a coupon out of them.

    I'd love to see pics, too! It's on my "to get" list of bags.
  10. I agree with mockinglee, if you make it seem like you would return it, they would probably give you some really good deals or coupons for future use. And if the bag is just minimally worn in ways that it would be later on anyway, I would keep it.
  11. It's wonderful that you love it. I like it too, except that a local shoe store chain here in Singapore has copied the design somewhat, so there are hundreds of Jetsetter lookalikes running around town now.
  12. I called Amazon and explained the issue to the CSR. She flat out told me to return the bag! (wasn't expecting that). I expressed my disappointment w/ Amazon and she offered to credit my cc back $42.00 so, all in all, i paid 164.00 for the bag. This is my question though-I am trying to determine if this happens to all glazed leather bags. Did your AC (shiny leather) wear on the corners of the bag to show a black leather underneath?
  13. Uh oh ... I just ordered the Glazed Ruby from Gimmeshoes!! I hope it doesn't have wearing. :sad: I wonder if you can get in touch with Foley and Corinna to have them repair it??
  14. PrincessShan-I can tell you if this is a problem w/ the bag, I would probably only purchase the darker colors. On my eggplant, it isn't super noticable b/c the bag is dark purple and the leather underneath is black so it isn't that bad but on the ruby, it might be a lot more noticable. I love the ruby color too though. It is so pretty!