Loving Mia patents...so will it be a tote or Maggie?

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  1. I ordered the Mia patent tote in midnight but now am wondering if I might like the cranberry Maggie better. Help! What do you all think?
  2. Well I am not a good one to ask. I am in the same boat. I adore the Mia Maggie in cranberry. I have yet to see the midnight. The cranberry is gorgeous in person though.:love:
  3. Cranberry!
  4. I say cranberry, too!
  5. another vote for cranberry! I can't help it! Really, you can't go wrong either way they are both gorgeous!
  6. ive been using my cranberry nonstop since i got it. i love it plenty of space in it. considering i always make room for two diapers and wipes. it fits a lot and the color is beautiful. the straps seem to stay on my shoulders but on occasions does slip off. but the color is tdf and the leather i like. i like it better then the crimson sophia.
  7. Does anyone have a picture of the Cranberry? I want a new Maggie too, and would love a red if it's not too pink.
  8. They're both beautiful bags. But I'd go for the crannberry maggie. I like the three compartments for organization, and I really love the cranberry color for fall.
  9. Cranberry for sure. I saw the midnight mia in person and the color was a little dark.
  10. Love them both! Also eyeing up the Graphite patent too:love:
  11. I saw the Maggie Cranberry. Love it!
  12. Cranberry and blue are both HOT colors this fall...tough call! What does your collection need? Your wardrobe??